Dr Curtis Mansfield

Member of the Municipal Science & Technology Commission


Dr Mansfield has no idea how he arrived in Canada. It took him two years to reach Seattle. Since job coding had not been implemented when he arrived, he began his career as a sandwich maker’s assistant. Creating both a “Sandwich toasting conveyor” and a “Sandwich warming dual-pan”, Mansfield helped raise the quality of eateries in Seattle while coming to the attention of city government.

Mansfield was tasked with renovation of one project after another. From elements of the Seattle Center, including the monorail, to various manufacturing facilities, he and his hand-picked team fixed them all.

When Overlord declared the need for an organization to focus on technology and education, Mansfield became a founding member of the Municipal Science & Technology Commission. He has a team of nearly 100 working on various projects. But, he prefers fiddling with things in his private lab to acting as a site supervisor.

Municipal Science & Technology Commission

Dr Curtis Mansfield has a number of dimensional counterparts. If Seattle 1834 merges with Post-apocalypse Seattle, Mansfield can still be used as a focus for another merging. His appearance in post-apocalypse Canada is due a fluctuation during the merging of mutant earth with post-apocalyptic earth.

Mega-Wits 1
Enhancement: Technological Genius (Can Intuit new technology)

Dr Curtis Mansfield

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