Mr Harold Friday



A man of moderate means, Mr Friday does not need to work. However, the allowance afforded by his wealth is not remarkable. As a result, he is constantly looking for new opportunities: betting, special jobs, investments, etc.

A practitioner of Bartitsu (which in this world has developed to resemble Jeet Kun Do), he is formitable fighter. Having invested in a small collection of investigatory devices, he often is equipped with a useful item in a pinch.

Harold carries either a weighted walking stick or a sword cane. He often maintains a stiletto at the small of his back and his covertly armored waistcoats contain small adamantine-metal scales.

Harold has a counterpart in Post-Apocalypse Seattle: Mr Jonas New. While the physical resemblance is uncanny, Jonas is a very average man who works in a coffee shop, The Dark Drip.

Mr Harold Friday

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