Robin Ronson


Robin is a self-taught chemist from Colorado Springs, CO. He left home due to his strong social and political beliefs. Traveling to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and finally, Sacramento, he was sent to Seattle by the governor of the NRC over a year ago. Two of his teammates decided to leave Seattle. One of them, Gerard Henry, decided to stay. Robin has a dinner with Gerard and his wife roughly once every month.

Robin’s only concern for Seattle is the rampant abuses by the Police. However, over the last year, the abuses seem to have been fewer and less egregious. Robin has been assured by Overlord that this is a pattern that has and will continue as the city moves forward and grows ever more peaceful. So far, this appears to be the case. Regardless, Robin tries to stay alert to Civil Rights issues and Unnecessary Force cases, bringing his influence to bear when he can.

Municipal Science & Technology Commission

Robin Ronson

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