Goods and Services

Any item available in 1850 is available in an urban center, except those requiring imported ingredients/components. Laudanum, for example, is an opium derivative. As opium is not being shipped to North America, post-outbreak produced laudanum, codeine, morphine, etc are not available.

Common Prices


Food for a day, Brown Stuff: $1
Water for a day, Clear-ish: Varies
Food for a day, Simple: $2 (In-season vegetables, occasional meat or simple seasoning)
Water for a day, Clean: $1 (Generally from a municipal source)
Food for a day, Hearty: $5 (Vegetables and bread with some meat and simple seasoning)
Distilled water for a day: $5
*These are market prices for preparing food from ingredients. Public eateries may charge double or more.

h3. Technology

Solar AM/FM Radio: $200+
Hand-crank AM/FM Radio: $250+
Solar/Hand-crank AM/FM Radio: $400+
AM/Transistor Radio: $20+
Citizen’s Band (CB) Radio: $500+
Police-Band Radio: $1000+
Police-Band Scanner: $500+
Military SINCGARS: $1000+


Simple outfit: $10 (Made of simple fabrics. Shirt, Pants, Underwear, Socks)
Shoes: $10 (Made of leather, wood, plastic, and/or recycled rubber)
Rugged Outfit: $20 (Reinforced and/or made of denim and leather)
Hat: $10
*These are market prices for used items in good condition. New, tailored, stylish, and exotic materials each cost double or more.

Weapons and Armor

Where available, they sell for modern prices if in perfect condition. More often, they shows signs of wear and sell for 50%.
Ammunition sells for 10x modern prices or more.


Bodyguard: $10 per day plus non-food expenses
Coachman: $8 per day
Laborer: $5 per day plus water
Horse and tack: $1 per pound if young and in good health (800 to 1200 lbs). $0.25/lb if neither (requires 10 gallons of water and 20lbs grain or 25lbs hay or 100lbs grass per day)
Wagon or cart: $100 in good condition. +$50 covered. Double price for upgrades like modern shocks/steering/brakes/reinforcing/diesel engine/etc.
Camper top: $200 in good condition
Tent: $30 for treated canvas. $100 for modern nylon and fiberglass.


Penicillin: $10 per shot
Rubbing Alcohol: $10 per pint
Oklahoma Iodine Tablets: $5 each
Garlic (antibiotic): $5 per ounce
Honey (antibiotic): $5 per ounce
Asprin or Salicylic Acid drops: $2 per dose (where available)
Epinephrine/Adrenaline: $20 per dose (where available)


Goods and Services

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