In General

In most areas, there is no radio. Occasionally, when the atmosphere is just right, long-distance broadcasts may be heard. They vary from static to automated messages, current events and music from far-off locations.

Many populated areas have a form of Citizen’s Band (CB) radio or Police Band radio for law enforcement. As neither is in common use, they are not used to broadcast alerts to the general populace. But, they are often used to communicate between equipped communities and with caravans and travelers.


The NRC has several major governmental frequencies and a variety of public frequencies:

  • “The NRC Alert”, an emergency and military radio broadcast. Several nights each week are dedicated to playing patriotic or military-themed music.
  • “The NRC News”, an emergency and governmental broadcast. Several nights each week are dedicated to reviewing laws, political documents, and books.
  • “Way Back Home”, an ‘old-timey’ music station (early 20th century) with occasional news or public interest stories.
  • “School U”, a station focused on educational content, emergency broadcast, and daily call-in question-and-answer forums. It is the only education source for many people.
  • “New World Radio”, a ‘new world’ music channel with daily forums and editorializing. Popular among the youth.
  • “The Classic Rock Beat”, a popular music station. It plays chart toppers and pop music fro the 1970’s through the zombie outbreak.
  • The People’s Voice", a small and struggling station with frequent outages and no broad or very popular theme. Music, call-in forums, news, etc are all broadcast at changing times as part of an unstable and mercurial schedule.

The NRC also has 2 major military frequencies which rebroadcast NRC Alert and NRC News to Military radios (SINCGARS). The NRC government has access to the same radios for non-public communications.



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