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A Bizarre Landscape

Leo’s Scattered thoughts:
I woke up being poked by a stick. No memory of how I got to that particular stretch of mostly deserted street. Who am I? Where am I? When am I? Reverberate through my mind like a bizarre chant… None of the answers I have been given make any sense. With help I exchange my clothes for money one pair of combat boot sold check. As I explore a bizarre landscape with only a vague sense of self… My thoughts once again scatter to the wind…

Max’s Account:

I felt something prodding me in the shoulder and found out that a young man was poking me with a stick. Had I been sleeping out in an open field? This was strange indeed to be waking up without a single memory in a meadow of dry grass about thirty yards from a divided freeway. Now that I was awake this young man with a stick was now poking another guy who seemed to be sleeping on the ground also.

This young man with a stick called himself Isaac Rowe and he told us that he was out here just surveying up from Yuba City. The second man also seemed to be suffering from amnesia, but at least he knew his own first name and introduced himself to us as Leo. Then Isaac told us of the mad zombie disease which fully didn’t know the how or where it started, but how over the last twenty to thirty years the entire world if full of them.

Funny thing is Isaac himself had NEVER seen one which made the whole account of there actually being zombies out there seem rather unlikely. Since Leo and I had no memories to speak of we decided to strike out as a group together. What fate we face together, is still unknown.

First Contact, The Tale of the World Steppers

“Now this tale – this tale is not for the faint of heart. The children ought to be put to bed, and anyone who scares easy might instead distract themselves with a bit of dinner. ’Cause this? This is the story of my travels North.”

He pushed himself off the stool, glancing across the crowd. He could get a sense of where to go, and what to do from here out – it would be as simple as singing a song.

“I’d just left Yuba City – from this very place. I’d made a fair wage for a week, before moving further south, as I used to do. It was while I was walking, minding my own business, when I saw something quite strange out of the corner of my eye.”

Isaac turned sharply to a woman who was watching him closely, shrewdly. She’d be the kind to want to hear the valiant rescue. “Two men, neither of which belonged in a ditch, sprawled out in the dirt. Now, it’s not terribly unusual – two guys beat the tar out of each other, drunk as old Joe back there. Next one’s on me, Joe.” He called, joining the crowd in a laugh at the drunk’s expense – though the bought drink would keep him settled.

“So I found a sturdy branch, and I poked’em.” He reached out and tapped her shoulder, twice. “You can guess my concern – I certainly didn’t want to wake the men if they’d come to blows – one man was nearly two of me, and the other not much less! But I had my knives, and we all know I can use’em.” One seemed to materialize in his hand, as if by magic. He toyed with it, almost absently, though he was keenly aware of the blade.

“It took ‘em some time to wake up, and I tell you, one of them was the prettiest men I’d ever laid eyes on. Didn’t look like he’d seen a single day of work in his life. The other looked like he might very well decide to eat me as a snack… Max and Leo they called themselves. But see, the thing was – they didn’t know that for sure.” He crept away from her table, moving towards one of the more superstitious of the crowd. “They were Amnesiacs. The fancy kind, that could say and do stuff that ain’t been seen before. Couldn’t remember anything about anything.”

“I brought’em back to Yuba City – Mark and Tom out at that old [i]checkpoint[/i] of theirs tried to give us trouble. Took one of Max’s buttons. Now, Max’s buttons were expensive. You know the kind – the ones that no self-respecting worker’d wear? The kind that’d fetch a horse if you had someone smooth talking for you. But that was okay – I snatched it right out of their pocket and they never even knew it was gone. Left’em lookin’ like happy little bastards, though I ‘bout heard them yellin’ once we got a ways away. Hollerin’ loud enough to give Moanin’ Mary a show!”

Another laugh, rocked the room, as the soft taunt went out. He winked at the blushing woman. “Trust me, Mary – it ain’t a bad thing. Just shows you know what you like, and you know how to get it.”

He stretched back a little bit, stepping away from the table he’d come to. “I decided it’d be best to bring ‘em to Yuba city. If I’d have left them out there, no tellin’ what sort of trouble they’d get in to. Two big ol’ boys like that might take care of ‘emselves most of the time, but they didn’t know their head from a hole in the ground.” A glance back at the woman he’d started with, whom he could read approval radiating from.

“Max kept askin’ about sticks – for walking. Craziest thing. All I knew was we needed to get ‘em out of those fancy clothes, and somewhere where a doc could look at’em, and maybe figure out how hard they had to get their heads knocked to forget everything they ever knew.”

GM Notes:

Notes for this session:

Dimensions are still collapsing into each other following the end of the last campaign. All of it is happening according to natural dimensional laws. The simultaneous, multidimensional death of several, dimensionally-linked individuals began a cascade effect. Dimensions began to unwind and collapse, as the killings continued to be reflected in one world after another, continuing the unraveling. The most similar dimensions merged. This created a series of hybrid dimensions. However, the collapse continued and the hybridization continued, reducing a nearly infinite number of universes to a handful.

When two universes hybridize, one has less damage and draws the other into itself to repair damage. This damage is in the form of concepts. Perhaps gravity has been lost. The concept has been damaged and does not function anymore. The second dimension has intact gravity (though at 1.03 times the first dimension) and that information is incorporated to restore gravity. If a force is unknown to the first world, it will also be incorporated. So, if the second has an “etheric field”, the first universe will adopt that, as well, natural laws of the first universe that did not contain this force will adjust to make room for it. The same principle follows with material. Perhaps the concept of “concrete” has been damaged in the first universe. The second universe does not contain it either but does have “fauxstone” a “common building material of x strength and …”. The first universe will adopt the foreign material as a replacement and all instances of vanishing structures, etc, will be restored but made of the new material.

The new dimension will be lacking some designs even when the materials and forces are intact. In these cases, geographically similar designs will be used to complete the pattern. An open market in Seattle might be repaired with an open market from Portland from the second dimension. Ultimately, a sort of naturally-occurring “parity check” will ensure history, art, music, culture, etc, all blend into a coherent form.

For humans, a hybrid of the dimensions’ populations will take place. Individuals necessary to complete the form of the first universe will be drawn from the second. These individuals may retain no self memories (they retain skills but not their names, for example) from the second universe and will appear in the new universe at ideal locations (which may have nothing to do with incorporating them into a new life). Some ideal locations allow a person to pick up their new life with no interruption. This requires that the circumstances of the second universe be similar enough to the first that they can be shifted without change. A camper in the woods, for example, could be moved from woods in dimension 2 to woods in dimension 1 with no interruption. However, a driver on a freeway moving to a world without cars or freeways would need to be carefully placed into the new circumstances and would arrive with no memory. While people witness the end of their dimension, the combining dimensions are based on a plan from before the final, rapid collapse. This means everyone has no memory of the collapse, as they are based on themselves from days to weeks before the joining.

A very few people have a different experience than either personal amnesia or seamless incorporation. These people have nearly identical “counterparts” in the other dimension. Such individuals hybridize just like the universes, retaining most of both sets of memories and skills. When the universes are beginning to collapse into each other, these individuals form linchpins for the process. Nearly identical natural formations, buildings, and forces do the same.

As the dimensions begin to bleed together, it is possible to halt the process by destroying these dimensional links. Only one of each pair needs to be changed. The more change that occurs to a linchpin, the less value it has as a linchpin.

Should enough “uniquification” take place, the dimensional joining will halt. But, the dimensions will continue to collapse. The only solution is a kind of “jump-start”. Finding individuals or items who have been taken from a prior universe still contain the entirety of their old universe. Should they be dimensionally separated from the host universe, they will become a dimensional seed and their universe will explode into existence, focused on them. The resulting universe will grow at a huge rate and will remove the individual or item from the former host universe, depositing them into their natural, home dimension in a state prior to the collapse. This may occur any number of times, restoring collapsed universes. To restore a collapsing universe from within itself is nearly impossible, as it requires finding a piece of undamaged universe and subjecting it to the same. This creates a dimensional duplicate but the collapsing dimension will still collapse. It is possible to damage the new dimension to force hybridization, but this will create a kind of frankensteinien dimension formed of both post-collapse and pre-collapse elements.

Note: nearly infinite merges have already occurred to bring the mutliverse to this state. Tentative merges have begun between every dimension.

Current realities and their main merges:
1850’s/Steampunk/American Albion – Post-viral outbreak/zombie apocalypse/super-hero
Modern – Idyllic Sci-fi (star trek)
Exalted/nWod – DnD magic Fantasy/Mideaval Europe (w witch hunts)
Arthur C Clark sci-fi – Renaissance Europe/gaslight fantasy
Mathematics/Language dimension – Protean Prehistory (where thinking math or speaking makes things happen)

Session 01

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