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We Headed into Town

Max’s Account:

Isaac took us into town and we stayed the night at the Wild Rose and in the morning after breakfast we went to Haverstock and Sons Tailor shop to literally exchange the very clothes off our backs to start-over again. From here we went to have a medical check-up, the doctor could not find anything wrong with us and didn’t know why Leo and I were suffering from amnesia.

However, the doctor did provided us with information, as it turns out there was a considerable number of amnesiacs who had been turning themselves into hospitals, police stations, ECT. Our plans to travel to Sacramento just became so much more important to us. We set out the following morning and it took roughly a day and a half to reach the big city. Once there we stayed with a friend of Isaac, Mr. Tanner who was a very nice man that seemed to know a little bit of just about any subject. Not saying that he was some sort of Rhodes Scholar by any means, but the kind of guy that might be handy to have on your team during a game of Trivial Pursuit.

Mr. Tanner also seemed to be excited to have a pair of amnesiacs in his home apparently we were the subject of immense enthusiasm. In the morning we headed into town to try our luck finding work, our hope was that maybe one of us with a government position, so that he might be able help out the other two. This hope turned out to be one that could be easily realized for us all, once they learned that Leo and I were amnesiacs. We were lead from a HR area to an exceptionally comfortable waiting-room, which was furnished with first-rate refreshments and from there to the office of Jack Tomlin Governor of the New Republic of California.

Second Day, The Tale of the World Steppers

“Now, see, the doc was just as clueless as we were as to why they didn’t have any memories. They just seemed to fall out of the sky. He introduced us to a bunch of kids – all the same way. Funny thing, they all seemed to know stuff like micro-waves and something called Tennis. It’s some game with a ball… I don’t know. But that’s the way it seemed everything kept winding.” Isaac hopped back up to the ‘stage’ – as ragtag as it was.

The knife in his hand began to tumble into the air – joined by a second, and a third. Dangerous, but it would keep the attention of anyone who’s mind was wandering.

“So Max and Leo got stuck with me. I couldn’t leave’em in the hospital, ‘cause trust me, neither one of’em would have made anything of themselves in there. They know their way around some bandages like most of us, but they ain’t doctors, that’s for sure. I took’em round to a tailor – we couldn’t have’m all gussied up while we’re tryin’ to figure this stuff out – no one would talk to’em ’cept the other gussied people. Max made half a million dollars for just his suit, and I speak no word of a lie.” He said, tossing a knife particularly high, so he could cross his heart without dropping one.

“They got dressed down like normal people, and thank god for that. If Max had to knock off one more money grubbin’ lady – or man, for that matter, I’d have gone crazy. Well. Crazier.” He caught all three knives, and reached down for his drink. Taking a swig, he grinned over at one man specifically. “Thought probably not as crazy as you, John. Ain’t nobody can be as crazy as you.”

John practically fell out of his chair laughing.

“I got us a place for the night, and got us set up to get some work. After a little bit of talkin’, and a little bit of convincing, I got us a setup with the governor himself – if you remember, the governor was really interested in the Amnesiacs. I kind of wish we’d thought to keep those two gussied first, then sold their stuff after. I didn’t want to get thrown out for nothin’, after all…”

Session 02

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