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Jack Tomlin aka A Pack of Wild Dogs

Max’s Account

As it turned out Jack Tomlin the current Governor of the New Republic of California, was a pretty nice old guy with a lot of troubles on his hands. He had called us in before for a very usually and dangerous task to perform. He had sent many different parties of experts, diplomatic, military to Seattle, Washington. None returned and nobody seemed to know a reason why. He asked us to please to be his next part of his plans to make it to Seattle and with any luck find out what happened to the others. The rumors that there was a madman running all of the city of Seattle and having powerful tools at his disposal was too much to not investigate was simply too much to bear.

In return he would see to it that we never had to work another day of our lives and we’d also have plots of land to call our own. We all agreed to the journey and his main assistant outfitted us with provisions that would more than last a number of weeks. So we set out for Washington and told to avoid Portland at all cost, since nothing waited for us there expect death. After two days on the road we made it as far as Chico and reloaded on a few things and we also armed ourselves with weapons, medical supplies as well as other things that would be useful and also good tools for bartering with.

After two more days out we had our first violent encounter with a pack of wild dogs resulting in nearly losing Leo during the fight he was taken down by two of the big brutes and almost killed. If this was our first fight we’re going to have to get a lot tougher, because I hate to think what our chances might be say against a biker gang.

The Tale of the World Steppers

“The old governor was a big softy – for an elected official, you’d think he might be a bit more rough. But what he lacked in muscle, he clearly made up for in experience – after all, he had been doin’ the smart thing in rounding up people of various talents. He’d sent all sorts of folks up North, to try and figure out if some of these rumors were true – that they had ways to send letters to people across the air, or that they had a massive army. One rumor said that they were even harvestin’ Mutants there, as if those people were runnin’ around every day.”

He hopped down from the stage, though he leaned back to sit on the edge of it. “He offered us more money’n I’ve ever seen in one place, and a place to stay. They said they needed a group like us – me ‘cause I can put on a good show, and I know what the world’s like out here, and them ‘cause they know other stuff. Stuff that don’t make any sense to me, but they seem to know like it’s second nature.” He glanced over at one man, who seemed to be rapt at attention, though not on Isaac – he had his eyes firmly planted on Moaning Mary.

“They gave us more silver coins than I could count—” One he’d palmed earlier made an appearance, a quick bit of sleight of hand making it look like he’d popped it out of the air. The eyes shifted from her to the bit of silver he held up like a lens. “Sent us on our way. We stopped off for some extra weapons, and I got decked out in the nicest duds I’d ever owned. But it didn’t start off so good.”

He glanced over his shoulder, as though looking back at someone. “See, those two might be used to doin’ their punching and exercises and stuff, but they ain’t used to walkin’. I could’ve made two days time, but the poor big guys had to get used to it. I was worried their feet might fall off. We got to Chico in what felt like forever, and stocked up – it’s a long way to Seattle from Chico.”

Isaac smirked.

“We left Chico in high spirits. Too high, I guess – they must have smelled the meat on us.”

“They who?!” One guy called out.

“Didn’t you hear ’bout them animals outside of Chico? There was two of ’em – bigger than Leo, and Leo was no small man! Big and brown, with hateful black eyes, and claws that could slit a man scrotum to smile. They were some bears. Monsters, more like – they were hungrier than hell and we were fresh off the fire, as far as they were concerned.”

The coin vanished, and was replaced by one of the knives. It was held perfectly even, and in a flourishing throw, it seemed to sprout from the table, just a few inches left of an unsuspecting hand. “Now me, I’m not a big fighter. But you can’t sing and dance down some bears. So I got my trusty knives. I don’t leave nowhere without ‘em for just such an occasion. They let out a powerful roar – the kind that shakes your bones. Like an earthquake, right next to ya. Leo, the crazy son of a bitch started wrestlin’ with one of ‘em, and Max started doin’ some sort of weird dance.”

Isaac moved forward, and snatched the blade from the table, glad at the silence.

“He told me later it was called martial arts. He was spinnin’ and twirlin’ and the bear just couldn’t hit him. He punched it and kicked it and I don’t think I’d seen anything like it before. Leo, though, the big man tuggin’ on a bigger bear just about had his arm tore clean off! The bear’s teeth were three inches long, and sharper than these knives. Bit right through him.” He tossed the knife up in the air, and caught it in the same motion.

“Lucky for Leo, I put a knife right in its eye. I was gonna help Max, too, but he did somethin’ crazy, looked almost like he was flyin’, and he came down on that bear’s neck and practically snapped it in half. Me an’ Max got to patchin’ up Leo, to make sure he didn’t bleed out – though all that money split two ways was mighty tempting. Put us in a right bind, though – had to find a place to stay so Leo could heal up a little. We camped out. But I tell you what, if we couldn’t handle a couple of bears, what was to say we were gonna make it all the way to Seattle?”

Session 03

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