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A Soldier of Some Type

Max’s Account

We came across two poorly laid traps which the first one had finished someone of a few days ago. The second one we found still had some action going on there and Isaac was able to save what looked to be a solider of some type, the four of us were actually capable of staying just ahead of the troopers still looking for him. We made it into a nearby city of Mount Shasta and to the best hospital there where we had our newest friend looked after and Leo still had a few wounds that needed attending to.

The Tale of the World Steppers

Isaac moved across the wood floor, boards creaking underneath him.

“We was movin’ slower than tar out there – Leo was still all bitten up, and though he was getting better at it, Max still wasn’t the kind of guy to walk for days on end like me. They were brownin’ up nice, though.” Several men chortled. “Peeling like a bitch, though – messed up poor Max’s pretty skin for a while.”

He glanced up at the barman, and the barman winked a little bit.

“Now, I know most of you ain’t been north of Chico. But I know you’ve heard some stories. ‘Bout them crazy people out there – people that eat other people, just kill for no good reason. We found a trap in the road. Wasn’t a very good one, but a poor guy got caught in it nevertheless. His head was smushed good, and it looked like someone had taken his arms and his legs. Saw’d ’em right off, like you or me would saw off some meat from the bone.”

Chills were evident in the room, some people looking a little more white-faced than others. He dropped his voice lower.

“We kept walkin’, though we was careful to stay off the road. That was when we found the next one. A truck, all busted and broken in to, practically painted red with blood. Now I ain’t a hunter, not really, but I know my way around tracks. I was able to follow some from that place, while Leo and Max rested up and checked it out. There was blood leadin’ all the way down the path I was takin’ – with dead dogs, shot clean through the neck with an arrow here or there.” He shook his head.

“There was a man, as pushed back as he could get, hiding in a little crack in the rocks. He was passed out, but I was able to tug him out, and patch him up so he didn’t bleed out on me on my way back. I got him to Max and Leo, who’d done a good job strippin’ the truck of its stuff. That’s when he heard it.”

Isaac let out a howl, that was so eerily primal, that the people closest to him recoiled, like they’d been struck. “Hounds. Hounds just bayin’ and barkin’ and comin’ for us. We had no choice but to run for it. Leo fell face first into a tree – don’t ask me how – and fell down, so I had to give the guy to Max, and go help Leo. We heard ‘em close, could practically feel ’em chewin’ at our ankles, so they could make a meal of us for them and their masters. But we got to the next place – Mount Shasta. Thankfully we could rest up, and get the hurt man and Leo some real doctorin’.”

Session 04

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