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What the Hell

Ryan’s Journal:

Entry 37 -
Woke up in a hospital after what I later learned was an ambush(1). Said ambush left me for near dead in a ditch. Got lucky. After some discussion with my rescuers, I was invited to accompany them on an expedition to Seattle(2). After securing some provisions and ammunition(3) we headed out. Partway through our first day, we came across a wreak of a car that looked like it had been subject to an attack. The unusual part was that the guts of the man driving were floating in mid-air. After some discussion and experimentation, we decided to convert the guts in to a pack. Now our supply bag weighs 20 pounds less. A bag of steel ball bearings, a Seattle Curfew ID and some water/food tablets were also scavenged.(4) Some investigation showed that there was a second passenger, and that he/she took off north towards Seattle after the ambush. Seems everything unusual is either coming from or going to Seattle.

After making some improvised repairs to the car and driving it a ways, we came across a gouge in the ground, leading to a headless body. The body had a brain swelled to 20 times it’s normal size.

What the hell.

(1)Ambushed by a man with a glowing red eye and unnatural control over his attack dogs.
(2)Not the first attempt, but the reward was good. Too good almost. Be wary.
(3)Got a new pistol. Sweet!
(4)These looked to be professionally made.

Max’s Account

In the morning we went to the check on our woodsman later as he came to and just like anyone else wanted to know where he was and who we were, after introductions went around he told us his name was Ryan Myer. Like Isaac he primly found work as a guide but greatly differed was Ryan’s skills as a forester. We told him of our journey and told him that we could always need a new set of abilities, told him of our promised reward and that Jack Tomlin the current Governor of the New Republic of California, and he had given us the capacity to offer this same deal to anyone else who aided us on our quest.

After securing some provisions and ammunition for Ryan, he lead us through some animal crossing were we found the site of a homemade car crash, someone had forced the vehicle off the road yet the most unusual part was the driver’s intestines were floating in midair. Our newest member was able to remove this from the victim in the car also we found a handbag full of steel ball bearings, an oddly shaped and heavily made measuring glass lens, a Seattle Curfew ID as well as some factor or military prepared iodine/water/food tablets. There were sights that showed us that there had been another passenger in this car, who escaped and who then headed northbound on foot.

Ryan was convinced that we should make use of this handmade automobile, which still had around three-fourths’ of a tank of gas in it and after only a very short discussion we all agreed to it. We helped him get the car ready to go again once we were all done doing that then Leo and I moved the vehicle back onto the side road. I drove us only a few miles down when our path’s once again crossed the second individual from the surprise attack, this poor soul had been forced down into a gouge, the body crumpled and whose head seemed to explode and the now exposed brains grown twenty time their normal size. This expedition to Seattle just keeps getting stranger and stranger.

The Tale of the World Steppers

“It took some days, but soon our rescued fella was up and about. Guy by the name of Ryan – another tough guy, seemed to be real good with a bow. I wanted him to teach me – I can throw a knife, but shootin’ a bow is hard. We offered to have him along, ’cause if a man can survive cannibals and hounds with only some arrows and help from a couple of strangers, he damn sure could help us make our way to Seattle.”

The lights had lifted just a little bit, again, as the story slowed down.

“We got everythin’ we needed to keep him around, traded for some information and a really nice outfit that I was able to wear, and took off. It didn’t take long for us to find another thing that was just so strange. It was another truck – you know, the kind like Larry over there builds? Except this one… this one could actually run.” He squeezed a smile and a wink over at Larry, who’s face was red, but was laughing along with the other patrons.

“But that wasn’t the weird part. The weird part, was the dead guy. Now, I was startin’ to realized that we were seein’ an awful lot of dead people. More’n I’m used to. But this one – this one was crazy. He’d tore himself open somethin’ fierce – but there was more to it than that. There was… there was the guts.”

He brought a hand down to his stomach, and drew his finger along his abdomen.

“The man… he’d been tore open, like I said. And where his guts should’ve been, they weren’t. I swear it’s the god’s honest truth – those guts were hangin’ in the air. Tied down by bein’ stuck in him, still, but floatin’ up like a bird, tryin’a get away. Ryan cut it all out, folded it up, and stuck it in his bag just in case, but there was something funny – we found he had a blank ID – from Seattle. Right where we was headin’.”

His eyes widened, dramatically. “But it got worse. We fixed up the guy’s truck a little, and found it could be driven – but what we found not ten miles up was somethin’ scarier. A man, with the whole top of his head, busted open like a zit. Now it wasn’t like someone had beaten his head open. Nah – it was more like his brain just got too big for his head. I mean it, too. That man’s brain was just huge. It’d probably be bigger than me. Poor man didn’t know what hit him. Hell, I still don’t think I understand what hit him. But he had somethin’ on him, too – something we thought was just as funny. He had another ID. From Seattle. I was startin’ to wonder if maybe this was the best idea. I certainly didn’t want my brain to pop out of the top of my head like that…”

Session 05

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