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Medford, OR

Max’s Account 6

Several yards at the bottom of a gouge laid the body of the man’s head that seemed to explode and now was exposing brains that had grown twenty time their normal size. We all looked this over and none of it made any sense at all the only thing we found was another Seattle Curfew ID, however this one belonged to the dead man (a Mr. John Smith). But like I already written, the evidence and clues presented before us didn’t add up so we got back into our newly found truck and got onto CA I-5 a major north–south route of the Interstate Highway System and headed for Yreka, CA.

Once again we stocked up and even found a few items of interest here in the market place. Probably the best thing we obtained was a fifty gallon barrel of diesel fuel with a pump. We struck out on the highway once more and made it as far as Medford, OR. The beef industry here was like nothing any of us had seen before and we now had an impressive supply of it. For the first time on our journey we were very well equipped with provisions, it was too bad that could get ourselves killed over far less.

The Tale of the World Steppers

“Yreka was our next stop, and I tell you what, that place is full of cons and thieves. The man that had built that truck of ours, told us we needed to give it back – that the other guy we’d gotten it from had stolen it. Now I got a nose for these things – ain’t no one can lie to me. Not even you, Pete, and you could talk a man into givin’ you his teeth if you had a mind to.” Pete was good – he was better. He smiled at the guy, almost like a challenge. But Pete didn’t take the bait.

“I talked him in to sellin’ us a pump and a fifty gallon barrel o’ gas for the car. I damn sure wasn’t going to stay in a place like that. Where the sheriff thinks he can accuse us fine folk of slittin’ up a man for his things.” He wrinkled his nose, as though it tasted bad, even saying it.

“Medford was nice – I got me a cell phone there. It’s this little bitty thing that people used to talk on. We thought it might work in Seattle But that week was pretty quiet. Ain’t nothin’ happened like the last few days. We did get all the beef we could eat, though. If it’s one thing Medford’s got goin’ for it, it’s got the best steaks I ever tasted. I was fit to burst I ate so much!”

Session 06

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