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She Seemed to be a Real Nice Lady

Ryan’s Journal notes entry 39:
After a traveling a ways we came across a woman laying in the middle of the road. After a bit of investigation, we learned her name was Lia and she was lost. We offered to take her with us, and she accepted. We showed her the lens we found and told her about the oddities we encountered, but the best she could tell us was that the lens was some kind of energy absorber/redirector.

Came to the town of Eugine, no one was on the streets. A man came up and offered us supplies and women. The whole thing seemed very creepy, and after a few seconds of silence we gunned the accelerator and got the hell out of dodge

Arrived in Astoria and found out that the bridge is up. An old man by the name of Joe greeted us by the bridge and offered us his hospitality. Apparently the town is in the middle of a low level gang war between a man named Johnny and a woman named Hitomi. Both think they can run this town, and both want the other gone. So far neither have the manpower to oust the other in an overwhelming victory, which is what they both want.

Apparently, our group is enough to sway the balance of power one way or another.

Soon after, Hitomi showed up. She seemed like a real nice lady, acting like a person’s grand mother rather than a mob boss. Be sure to keep an eye on her.

After casing the town, I noticed that the town had a lot of unused power. Likewise I found that Johnny is located on the west end, with Hitomi on the east. The poor Sharif is located between the two gangsters.

We then went to visit the Sherif, Gomez, and offered him our help. He seemed real nervous, and we noticed that there were no guns in his office. We soon realized that he’ll betray us to one of the other gang leaders the second he gets the chance. We decided to head back to Joe’s for the night.

Joe’s place is on fire, and Joe himself looks to be badly beaten…

Max’s Account 7

Leaving Medford a few hours behind us we drove down the highway and it was Ryan who first noticed that there was someone lying in the road. I drove up a bit closer, parked and we all got out. As we approached the person rolled over and the loveliest woman I had ever seen was looking up at me. In another time and place I would have offered to buy her dinner or a Maserati, however under the circumstances I offered her the next best thing, my hand to help her up. She told us her name was Lia, she was lost and so we offered her a ride, happily she agreed to come along with us.

Lia told us that she was a scientist we all took turns to tell her about the very strange things we had all seen during our travels together and she had no ideas what any of those things might be. I showed her the lens that we had found and she confirmed a few things that we already knew about it and then also added that it was some form of energy absorbing/redirecting tool.
Then Ryan showed her the gravity defying entrails and those to put it kindly just freaked her out.

We drove into a town called Eugine there was a man there who was trying to get us to stop. We all were getting a very bad vibe from him and the emptiness of the streets, so we gunned it out of that place as fast as we could. Hours later we arrived at Astoria the town’s bridge was up and so we couldn’t cross the river. It was then that an older man came out of a close by building, he told us to pull our vehicle around back and to come inside. He introduced himself as Joe, apologized about the bridge being up so we couldn’t cross over and said so long as we weren’t up to any trouble we welcomed to stay the night with him.

We all shared what we had and collectively had a very good meal together. During our dinner Joe told us of the turf war between two crime bosses, Hitomi Furuya and Johnny Italy. As we were cleaning up Hitomi decided to stop in the visit with Joe and meet all of us. She left us with the feeling of trying to play the part of someone’s grandmother and none of us believed. Later we went to pay Sheriff Andy Gomez a visit at his office, who turn out to be a complete coward and we wouldn’t be able to count on any help from him to save the town.

We went back to Joe’s to find his place on fire and our new friend badly beaten.

The Tale of the World Steppers

“Now I got to tell you, I’d been sleepin’ funny. Havin’ dreams about performin’ – for a crowd just like you all. I was talkin’ and they was laughin, and I could see everythin’ they was thinkin’ and feelin’. Just remember that for later.”

“It was a funny thing, though, ‘cause while I was sleepin’ we came to a stop. Now we don’t stop much, just to restock or to…” he paused, glancing at a woman. “Relieve ourselves – so I thought it might be one of them times. But it wasn’t. No, in the middle of the road was a woman. Pretty as a picture, I tell you, but stranger than a two-legged horse tryin’ to gallop. She kept talkin’ funny things, about science and notebooks and things I ain’t fit to understand.” He shook his head.

“Turns out, she was like Max and Leo – an Amnesiac. She didn’t know nothin’ but the weird stuff she kept sayin’ – so I kept noddin’ along. Miss Lia, her name is. We said we’d take her as far as the law, but one of the other guys thought she might want to come along with us past that. I didn’t know why, but I wasn’t gonna fight – she was nice enough, and didn’t take up much space, so what’d I care?”

“She wasn’t as small or as pretty as you, though, Miss Helen.” He said, gesturing to an older woman, someone who looked to be getting on in years, but enjoyed a good story nonetheless. She looked a bit bashful, as he continued.

“Now, if you ever go North, and you get to Eugene – you better just keep on hustlin’ on. That place ain’t nothin’ good for no one. As bad as Yreka was, Eugene… it was just wrong. The men there are slimier’n spit, and we didn’t stay too long. Hell, we didn’t stay at all.” He turned, and moved back on to the stage, languidly.

“Astoria, though… Astoria’s… different. When we got there, we met Joe – a good man, with a kind heart and the kind of man I’d want to be with some day. You’d have liked him, Helen. We shared some food, and he told us that Astoria was havin’ a bit of a gang problem. You see, in a place like that, where the law is weak? Well, that’s how good folk turn to bad. There were two people – old lady named Hitomi, and a guy named Johnny Italy. They ran the place, and not a one person was happy there.”

He let out a foul breath. “The old woman came to visit us, talkin’ nice, offerin’ us cookies. I didn’t trust her for a second – like I said, I got a nose for these things. She left, and we did, too, to see if we couldn’t find the Sheriff. Oh, we found him all right. A little snake of a man – I could see he was a coward. Yellow-bellied to the worst. How I knew? I could see it – just like in my dream.” He leaned forward, towards one of the younger patrons. He lifted a finger, and traced it along the young man’s forehead. “Written on him right here. If we said anythin’ too bad, he was gonna go run and tell the gangs.”

He shook his head. “S’why I like our Sheriff here. Good man, strong morals. Don’t take no shit from no body.”

“When we made it back to Joe’s, though – Joe’s place… well, it was burnin’. It was hotter’n Hell, and it was brighter’n the sun. Took us a while to finally get it put out. Joe’d been beaten to within an inch of his life.” Isaac’s tone was somber, and his face was a mask of sadness and regret. He was truly saddened by the memory, it seemed.

Session 07

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