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Motley Band Reaches Astoria aka Payback for What They Had Done to Poor Old Joe

Max’s Account 8

(The events that are recorded here are a summary of the events which occurred during our recent travels.)

My name, well I am not really sure what my given name was, nevertheless I now call myself Max. I was lost but now I have found a group of friends, which have become like a family to me and we have been through a lot together. My friends and I made it as far Astoria, Oregon and it was here that we seemed to manifest new abilities that we never knew before and I will describe them as best as I can.

• Isaac seems to now have enhanced charisma as well as charm, enabling him to gain the trust and loyalty of others to win them over to his own cause.
• Leo has become a superhuman wrecking machine that can crush, lift, throw, or catch items of great weight.
• Lia’s mental capacities allow her the power to have knowledge instilled into her mind by supernatural means, rather than acquiring it through studying or experience.
• Ryan has become a tactician / strategist able to perceive all cause and effect relationships. He can deduce the path leading to any effect, allowing him to plan, analyze, and take action with absolute efficiency.
• While I now possess increased damage resistance as a result of a combination of regenerative healing factor, enhanced durability and endurance I can at this time exert myself for long periods of time without tiring.

We brought Joe back inside a nearby shelter and saw to his wounds afterwards we also put out the fire on Joe’s home. Now we wanted to get some payback for what they had done to poor old Joe. So Lia stayed to protect and see after Joe, while the rest of us went into the streets of Astoria. We hadn’t gone far when we found two factions facing off in the middle of town. We tried to insight the fighting between them, only to find out them both sides were too afraid to openly attack.

Ryan got the idea to approach Johnny Italy under the guise that we wanted to support his effort to wipe out Hitomi Furuya and her men. The crime boss was like putty to Isaac’s newly enhanced charm and he fully agreed to reward us once the job was done. While Isaac went to retrieve Lia, the rest of us took charge of Johnny’s thugs to waylay Hitomi forces. The battle was started off as Leo unbelievably tore a massive wooden cigar store Indian off the side of Johnny’s hideout and hurled into the middle of Hitomi’s men.

I ran out into the lot of them kicking and punching them out of my line of attack. I was soon followed by Leo while Ryan fired arrows into the crowd and barked orders, like Captain America. Needless to say we crushed them and returned to Johnny’s victoriously. Our group pretended to take part of the celebration with the rest of the thugs, once everyone was good and drunk we went looking for Johnny. We found him in a secret room in the basement standing in front of an odd boiler, in his hands he held a generous portion of deep fried fish and potatoes wrapped in newspaper pages.

He yelled at us to get the hell out of there. Without any kind of a warning it was Lia who tried to do what we had all come there to do and stabbed the crime boss in his back.

Reaching inside his jacket Johnny produced an Uzi submachine gun and brought it to bear on sweet little Lia! Quickly I sprang into action interposed myself between Johnny’s gun and Lia as well as my other friend. If nothing else this would be beyond a doubt an ample trial of my newly manifested capabilities, one that I very likely wouldn’t survive. Johnny unloaded his weapon into me and in return I unloaded my fists into him. Amazingly it was Johnny who hit the floor not me as he lay there Ryan relieved him of his Uzi and his wrapped fried fish and potatoes.

Ryan was looking at the newspaper that was covering the fish and chips when he suddenly exclaimed then nearly dropped them on the floor. We all took a turn reading the pages as shock went across each and every face in our group, then I got a hold of them and my jaw hit the ground as I read, “Motley Band Reaches Astoria

Ryan’s Journal notes entry 39:

After a traveling a ways we came across a woman laying in the middle of the road. After a bit of investigation, we learned her name was Lia and she was lost. We offered to take her with us, and she accepted”. The article went on and once I had finished it, I handed it off to Leo who was the only one who hadn’t read it yet. Where did this come from? We’d never know if Johnny died so we all went to work on him and ended up saving his life. He told us that he got it from the boiler and had been told how to do it by the man that use to feed its fires.

So Ryan immediately went to feeding the boiler’s fire once again and I thought to myself how relieved I was that the newspaper article used his journal entry and not mine. I really won’t want to give Lia a hint about my true feelings towards her, just not yet and not in that manner. Ryan called us over to the boiler to show us something very strange on the inside which was an anomalous egg shaped object.

The Tale of the World Steppers

" We got him set, though, and kept him safe. Ryan figured it was Hitomi that did it, ‘cause we turned her down when she offered to give us whatever we wanted to help her out." His sadness turned in to disgust. "Ryan figured it out – and so we went out to find out how to get even. We didn’t know Joe long, but we knew he deserved better than that, and that old whore wasn’t going to get away with it." Fury seemed evident in his voice, and his hands had formed fists.

“We found somethin’ – a bunch of men, on either side of a street, all angry, all lookin’ to fight. Yellin’ and screamin’ – but not doin’ anything. We decided to try and get them to kill each other first, since it seemed it was Hitomi and Johnny’s gang – but we couldn’t get anyone to get started. So we went around them, and went to visit Johnny. We told him…”

Isaac sighed.

“We told him we’d help him, if he helped us. He’d give us provisions, and weapons, and get the bridge across the river lowered for us – since that was why we were stuck in the first place. So we went back. I went to go get Lia… but I came back in time to see all hell breakin’ loose. Ryan – Ryan was pickin’ people off with his bow, and Max… max was just walkin’ right through ‘em. People was hittin’ him and shootin’ him – I even swear I saw a machete hit him right in the face. Didn’t even leave a scratch, and I ain’t lyin’. It was the craziest thing I’d ever seen!”

He spun, dramatically, and hefted a chair. “That is, until Leo decided to punch a man. Punched him straight in to the second story of a building. We were just startin’ to figure out that somethin’ was weird with us, as we tore up Hitomi’s gang – and did our best to make sure Johnny’s gang didn’t get out of it so easy, either. Lia seemed to get even smarter – it was like all of a sudden she knew everythin’. Then she forgot it again. Ryan could see stuff – see it how it was supposed to be. And me…?”

One man was leaning close to him.

“We got back to Johnny’s place, and I found out I could get him to talk to us. He didn’t want to, at first, but he did, just by me askin’. I don’t know how I did it, but my friends said my voice sounded funny, like a cat purrin’ while I was talkin’. I didn’t know. All I did know, was that Johnny did what we wanted, and we… well, we did what we’d planned to do from the beginning.”

The knife from before made its appearance.

“We went downstairs, followin’ where he’d went. What we’d found was Johnny – standin’ over a weird ol’ thing. Now, I promise you every word is true, and I ain’t never seen nothin’ like it. He said it was a machine that made food when you put wood in it. I didn’t know – and Lia… Lia didn’t care. Now see, Lia… she’s pretty, but she’s apparently no one’s bitch, either. She straight stabbed him right in the back, just above the kidney. Johnny turned around and tried to shoot her dead, but Max stepped in the way. He jumped in front of her, and took every single bullet. Like when the Parsons kids throw rocks at the walls? They just bounced right off. Made a hell of a noise, though.”

He reached down, picking up a small plate of food that had been set aside for him.

“That was when we noticed the food he’d had, wrapped up in newspaper. The newspaper? Had a story about us. It was printed some crazy time in the future – and I didn’t understand none of it. How it got there. But what I did know, was that the only guy with answers was bleedin’ out on the floor. We worked together to keep him alive, and talked him into tellin’ us exactly what we wanted to know. We started up that machine again, and something else came out – not food, not a paper explaining everything…”

He held up a small, hard-boiled egg. “A bit bigger than this. It was strange lookin’, not the kind I’d crack open and eat. I tell you… it was a puzzle, and it was the strangest thing we’d come across. Well, maybe not stranger than’ the floatin’ guts… but definitely up there.”

Ryan’s Journal, entry 40

After a bit of effort, we managed to stabilize Joe and put out the fire in his home. After some discussion, we realized that the person behind the fire was Hitomi, in retaliation for us rejecting her earlier offers.

During the conversation it was brought to my attention that my eyes had glowed strangely blue as I laid out my own theories. Lia also mentioned that I once flickered in and out of reality when we were scoping out the area earlier. I have no idea what this means, but I’m going to try to see if I can gain a greater degree of control over these powers.

Lia attempted to explain what she thought was happening, and ended up saying a bunch of stuff I didn’t understand. However she also showed signs of something unusual going on, as a vein in her head started to glow and pulse.

Leo had likewise has manifested strange abilities, somehow casually picking up Joe with one hand and bringing him inside to rest more comfortably. None of us know what this means.

After spending the night at Joe’s place to make sure there was no followup attack, we went in to town to try to investigate Hitomi. Once in town, we saw two groups of thugs belonging to Johnny and Hitomi yelling and threatening each other.

A brief attempt to secretly try and instigate the two gangs in to tearing each other apart to save us work later revealed that they were all cowards, who wouldn’t attack unless they were sure they would win. We decided we should see if we can get Johnny to pay us to start this fight, then stab him in the back once the fighting was over with.

Johnny seemed hesitant at first, but Isaac managed to persuade him. Isaac’s voice went strange as he did this, and he seemed to simply hypnotize Johnny in to agreeing with him by speaking with him. Johnny offered us $1000 to join his crew and take out Hitomi. Sucker.

Once we instigated the fight as we planned, things really started going nuts. Leo’s strength enabled him to lift a vending machine off the wall and throw it, crushing at least three guys. Max took a machete to the face and kept on smiling. Later experiments showed he was borderline invulnerable. The fight resulted in us winning completely, and storming Hitomi’s place and taking the whole facility out in less that five minuets. Max took a shotgun to the chest, and was only mildly harmed. He even seemed to regain his stamina as we left.

Things started to get weird once we got back to Johnny’s place. In an attempt to follow through with our plan to stab him in the back, we followed him in to the basement. There we came across him bringing fish and chips out of a boiler, seemingly by magic. Lia was the one to deliver the blow to Johnny from behind, but then we realized that the newspaper that the fish and chips were wrapped in had my Journal entries written on them!

I managed to stabilize Johnny enough to get him to answer some questions, but all he knew was that if you stuck wood in the boiler, food came out.

Scarily, one of the newspapers dated in the 1800s talked about a labor riot that almost perfectly paralleled the fight we just had with hitomi and her crew. Likewise we found a strange egg like device in the boiler, that seemed to be the cause of all the weirdness.

Reminders: Practice and train newfound abilities. Deal with Sherif Gomez. Did we kill off Hitomi once and for all? If not, do that.

Lia’s Journal (Image Version coming soon)

So we put the fire out and after a bit of clean up, got Joe in a comfortable position to ride out the night. The fire was not as bad as my gut reaction though it would be. I think fires are uncommon wherever I’m from. The beating though, that looked bad but not life threatening. Among the weird events of the night to catalog, Ryan’s eye glowed blue while he pondered who was responsible for the attack and my skull did… something glow… while I was explaining something very basic to the group. Not sure what is causing these effects while we exert our usual skills but there is definitely a similarity with the enhanced proficiency and glowing.

People here seem to become comrades as quickly as they are willing to make enemies and this situation seems no different. Makes sense for these things to happen quickly in a harsh world. The group definitely wanted to avenge Joe and remove both sides of the cities conflict. Given that both Jonny Italy and Ms. Furuya are responsible for all sorts of violations of human dignity, it makes sense that both had to be removed. Violently.

I stayed behind to watch Joe while everyone else went and decimated Hitomi’s forces with Jonny’s men under the pretense of joining them. Apparently they even got $1000 per person out of the deal as Jonny’s forces, like Furuya’s, were too cowardly to make a real strike without outside support. After the battle, I rejoined the group at Jonny’s place where his men celebrated in drunken ridiculousness. Did these men really think they were fit to govern? Regardless, we confronted Jonny in the basement where I had the pleasure of stabbing the pathetic man in the back, literally. He attempted to respond with a gun but Max, who is apparently bullet-proof, blocked the shot. Having comrades has advantages.

In the basement, and apparently secret from Jonny’s behavior, was a boiler with the ability to turn basic matter, in this case wood, into food. Jonny, when we found him, was taking fish and chips out of the thing. As nonsensical as this was, the newspaper the food was wrapped in had headlines that seemed to predict our actions. Doesn’t makes sense, but I am accepting it. What else can you do? Tough I do take some offense with the headline “Motley Band Reaches Astoria.” I don’t see how we are any more motley than any other group of survivors in this world.

Session 08

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