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Finish Things with Hitomi

“At the midpoint on the journey of life, I found myself in a dark forest, for the clear path was lost…”
― Dante Alighieri, Inferno

Max’s Account 9

We tried to get Johnny to tell us more about the boiler and the egg but he didn’t know anything else, even with Isaac using his newly discovered talent to help him remember. Everyone thought it would be best if we set fire to the hideout with Johnny and his boys still inside. But if we were going do that we all thought it would be best to take the boiler and the egg with us. Once it had cooled enough Leo carried the whole thing out the truck then he, Isaac and Ryan went to finish things with Hitomi. I had volunteered to start the fire on Johnny’s place and surprisingly Lia had stayed behind to help me.

It would have been nice to have had a little small talk with her as we worked to setup the fire, but we were so busy working to do a thorough job that it didn’t really leave much time for it. Finally I set the building ablaze, then abruptly the ground began to shake and it then occurred to me than we never did locate Johnny’s arsenal. I had maybe less than a faction of a second to react. It would take a miracle to save us, but if I was lucky enough maybe I could at least save Lia. I rushed up to her pulled her to me to shield her from the blast and as it did I whispered to her, “I’m sorry… ” then the explosion overtook us and everything was gone, snuffed out like a candle.

I was in darkness, in a truly horrible place which somehow seemed familiar to me, but I wasn’t sure why. Indeed I was sorry for agreeing to carry out the action that killed Lia and I. For falling short of helping all of those in need around me and most of all not telling Lia how I felt about her. They say that when you find your other half you just know it somehow. Well I am pretty sure that I had met my better half a few days ago and I would have done anything to see if she was beyond doubt that person. So, this was Hell? I wasn’t too sure if I really believed in an afterlife, but what else could this be? Well at least I could find some comfort knowing that Lia would be happy now that she was in Heaven, since I couldn’t imagine her going any place else. I –

I was looking into Leo’s eyes Ryan leaned over his should and was also staring at me. What in the world was going on here? I’m not sure where I had just been, but I knew I never wanted to go back there again! Leo asked me if I was alright, since I had been dead for at least three minutes. I bolted upright and without much hope ask them both about Lia. She was fine they assured me, I had without a doubt saved her and they had both had seen to her few medical needs. She was lying next to me and I crawled over just to be near her again. It was a miracle she was alive and I desperately wanted to kiss her, however I restrained myself and felt contented just to hold her hand. She was still unconscious so gently I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to wherever it was that Ryan and Leo lead.

They went back to Hitomi’s place and Isaac was still trying to get her to answer him straight and even with his influences she was sticking to her helpless old grandma routine. Since this wasn’t getting anywhere fast. Everyone was glad that Ryan swiftly ended Hitomi’s acting career with one single well placed arrow. Her “girls” didn’t know anything too valuable so we left and went back to check on Joe. We told him that the town needed someone like him to lead it and that he should proclaim himself Mayor.

But Joe didn’t seem to care one way or the other about the town anymore. However he did turn the bridge back on, moved it so we could cross over it and wished us well on our travels. I put Lia up front in the truck with me and everyone else piled into the back to sleep. I drove until it started to get almost too dark to see then we pulled into the town of Olympia, Washington to get some rest for the night. We got a very comfortable room large enough for us all and I spent the night by Lia’s bedside holding her hand. I was enjoying taking care of her. Nevertheless I was worried that she still hadn’t woken up yet.

In the morning while everyone else was getting up, Lia finally started to stir. Her lovely eyes opened and she smiled at me. I felt my face getting warm as I smiled back at her. She asked what had happened so I explained to her about there being an explosion and how I had used my body to shield her from the blast. Leo then interjected how I had essentially died saving her life. I didn’t wait for a reaction of any type. I just gave her hand a reaffirming squeeze, stood up and clapped Leo on the back and announced that we should all get ready to go into the marketplace.

I was hoping to find something nice there for Lia although the only thing interesting I found was ceramic mask that looked just like Isaac’s face except it had a moustache. I showed it to him. He wanted it and bought it. He also bought me a very cool leather jacket that Leo found but was it was too small for him.

After we were done shopping we got back on the road and drove until we reached Seattle. Back when we were still on foot I thought there was a pretty good chance we might never live to see it. Now here it was and honesty it was beautiful. We all ate sausages from a fantastic corner vender and then we met Mr. Proficient and Smith, the Fixer. It was then that Mr. Proficient offered us the chance to see what kind of occupations would be perfect for us all and so we agreed to give it a fair attempt.

Ryan’s Journal Notes, entry 41

The 1800s newspaper upon closer inspection does not appear to parallel what we did. It is very matter of fact, though, only tells what happened.

Lia’s never seen anything like the egg before, but she has seen pictures of an egg, which is weird as pictures are expensive.

The egg has been there the whole time, seems unburned.

Johnny doesn’t know anything about the boiler or the egg, just says that one of his guys came to him with food from the boiler.

Hitomi and Johnny are both still threats to us and the town. We need to decide how to resolve the issue with them.

Leo takes the boiler off of the wall and takes it to the truck. Max sets fire to Johnny’s building, taking out Johnny and his gang all at once.

We find Hitomi in her building, she’s acting like nothing happened. I show her the newspaper and ask her about it, she brushes me off and I stab her in the knee with an arrow. She passes out.

The building shakes and outside rains rubble thanks to an explosion. We go to check out the explosion that’s leveled the block. Apparently Johnny’s armory was caught in the fire. Oops. Max’s head is attached to his body by three inches of skin.

Lia is in bad shape. Max’s head has reattached itself. Max regenerates over the next few minutes, then wakes up.

Back at Hitomi’s, Isaac asks Hitomi why we should trust her, she keeps acting like a kindly grandma. Isaac calls her out on it, she keeps it up. We tire of her shenanigans and shoot her in the face.

The poor girls who work in Hitomi’s brothel don’t know anything about the newspaper, and doesn’t know how to read.

We tell Joe about the situation, he says he can open the bridge for us now.

Joe says the town isn’t worth saving, but thanks us for the offer for trying. He also says he doesn’t want any more explosions going off. We can’t fault him for that.

We head out, Max drives non stop, being immune to the need for sleep.

We hit the city of Raymond Oregon, we’re not sure if it’s abandoned or not, but we decide to keep going.

Next up we hit Aberdeen which is on our rout to Seattle, we ask for directions and decide to head towards Olympia, risking the dark. Only a few bumps, we make it.

We arrive in Olympia just past sundown. We notice that there’s development all along the road to Seattle, it seems well established, very few derelict towns along the way.

Checking the radio shows one radio station from Olympia, the cellphone has one bar. Good tasteful music on the radio.

Isaac puts on a show to get us a place to stay, he gets seattle marked money, the barowner offers room and board. Three weeks worth, usually he get only a week. The money is screen printed, very high tech. Isaac earns $35.

We get good room and board. Excellent food. Isaac even includes us in his entertainment to make us look cool.

Lia wakes up finally, we bring her up to date. Lia notices that Max is getting paler and more ashen. Max says he feels fine. Isaac and i vouch that he’s not a zombie.

We go to market
Max finds a ceramic mask in the shape of Isaac’s face.

Leo finds a black leather jacket, has futuristic pieces of plastic on it. Says “born to ride” on it. It has no seams, zippers or buttons. It seems to hold itself together when you fold it closed. Bought it for 7 silver coins.

I find ammo for the Uzi and buy it for 3 silver coins

Isaac found an etch a sketch.

We get in the car and head to the next town. We’re in a very suburban environment, but it has a very covert security system.

We see a video billboard, holy shit i’ve never seen that before. We stop and look at it. It seems to be a national holiday, “Rumble day”.

We make it to Seattle through the south side. The cellphone and radio are getting all kinds of signals. We get a message from the cellphone: “Hello”. We say hello back and ask who this is. We get an animated wizard back as a message, saying “I am the network master”. Lia thanks the network master for letting us on it’s network. The wizard comes back and says “you are welcome”. It leaves and leaves behind an arrow pointing towards city hall. Lia says something about GPS.

We go to where the arrow points, city hall. On the way we see skyscrapers, bus stops and guys selling sausage on sticks. We buy some, greasy but delicious.

The arrow from the network wizard gets insistent that we go to city hall. We go in city hall. There’s someone waiting for us, with a sign that has Lia’s name on it. The guy, smith the fixer, is here to help us either integrate in to seattle or move on should we decide to do so. Super polite, super organized.

City has an aptitude test, Lia is going to try to take it. She’s going to meet with someone named “mister proficient”, Smith seems like he gets a call from mister proficient the second this is brought up.

Mister proficient shows up and introduces himself, starts the tests. We follow him to his facility. He’s talking on the phone to someone and he seems to be customizing the tests in relation to our powers.

Lia’s Journal (Image Version Coming Soon)

Setting a fire to a building feels disturbingly natural to me. Which is why I stayed behind with Max to demolish Jonny’s place. Unfortunately, the fact that firearms utilize gunpowder apparently is not something that pops to mind reflexively. So I almost blew myself up. No, actually I guess I did blow myself up, I just happened to have an explosion-proof comrade nearby to save me.

By the time I came too, apparently the Astoria business had been settle and we were off in Olympia. Not sure if Joe is up to taking care of Astoria but I doubt he will be abusive like the previous power. Here was some sort of open air market that the group seemed excited about. I attempted to look for things to purchase but nothing jump out at me as worthwhile to purchase. Heck, I tried to think of what I would even want to buy and little came to mind. Apparently I’m not much of a materialist. Though, the material of a jacket Leo found seemed interesting. I’m also not so sure about this bartering thing. Seems like it would be full of people conning other people.

Entering Seattle, which had electronic displays that somehow made me feel a little homesick for a home I’ve never know, the groups phone actually connected to a network and got a message from an admin, the “Network Master.” Might have been the most exited I’ve been since waking up in the world. I pressure our group to head to the city hall as the admin suggested and tried to temper my excitement as Mr. Proficient and Smith –seriously- explained the rules of the town. Apparently if they wanted us to stay, we had to take a Mr. Proficiency’s evaluation test. I volunteered myself as a guinea pig. The best way to understand a system or a society is to enter it and this seemed necessary. The whole group joined in too, though I suspect a large part of that was due to honest excited about the town.

After a full day of both mental and physical testing, which was implied to be something of a formality, Proficient offered me a position at the Municipal Science & Technology Commission or as a Police Crime Scene Investigator/Technician. I’m kind of impressed that these professions and organizations even exist in this city. At the same time, I am suspicious about how they have been able to support all this when the rest of the world seems to be in ruins… any why absolutely no one has ever returned to the south. Lastly, he handed me a heavily redacted medical report in a red folder that answered a few questions. Also brought up new ones, like what is this “Amnesia Event.”

Content of the Red Folder’s Summary
Class B
Quantum Pool: 24
Mega-Intelligence: 2
Enhancement: Linguistic Genius
Enhancement: Enhanced Memory
*Amnesia Event Survivor

Session 09

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