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Choices of Career

Max’s Account 10

I had a very long day that consisted of written, medical exams, interviews and an obstacle course. Once the evaluations were over it is nearly midnight. Mr. Proficient had me meet with him in a simple office at City Hall. In his opinion I had two choices of career the first choice he offered to me was working for Mr. Smith as his new number two or second as a City Clerk’s Office, Shift Supervisor.

Mr. Proficient says there are, of course, many other options for a man such as myself. But, ultimately, it must come down to a single factor. Do I want to do something worthwhile? If I want a quiet, easy life of obscurity I can work as a clerk and live a comfortable life. But, working for Smith, I will be challenged often and have a chance to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Of course I had already made up my mind I’ve had always wanted to make an actual difference in people’s lives. In view of the fact that what few memories I could recall about my life before the events which brought me to where I am now was having wealth and using it to be a philanthropist. Now with the resources of the entry city of Seattle behind me I really and truly could make an enormous difference. The following morning I reported very early to Smith, the Fixer hoping to somewhat express him for showing up so ahead of schedule only find him already there and hard at it.

This had me wondering if maybe Smith was something like myself and required very little or no sleep at all. At our first meeting Smith seemed like a man of few words, yet likable now that I was working for him he seemed like he hated me. Handing me a mobile phone told me that there had been a bomb threat that had been called in and he want me to handle it. He didn’t care how I got it done he just wanted the job done. It took me awhile to arrive at the scene and once I had gotten there it turned out I was beaten to the punch by my friend Ryan and Crunch the Police Commissioner’s twin sister.

With my cell phone in hand I called Smith to report what had happened and to see how else I could help out.

Ryan’s Notes, entry 42

After testing, we all get together to discuss our options (staying or leaving, active/passive role if we stay)

We learn about each other’s powers

Mr proficient really wants me to be apart of the police force. I intuit that the police are somewhat corrupt from this.

Max is going to work for mr smith, the #2 to the cities overlord, lia is going to join the science board, Leo, Isaac and I are going to join the police.

Max goes to mr smith. mr smith gives max free reign to do whatever he wants, so long as max does what he says. mr smith tells max to look in to a bomb threat on the monorail. mr smith is kind of a dick, does not give a shit about a lot of things.

lia goes to the science place, she’s greeted by her secretaries (3 of them) and is given the tour. lia is given a huge lab as her work area and office. lia starts to make an “Amnisia event” database to investigate if the people with amnesia also have powers

Leo, Isaac and I are meeting with the chief of police “blinks” he’s blind, but can still perceive the world. we’re given a police manuel and told we have a wide lateral in dealing with things. we’re given badges. we’re all given assault rifles. told to go do policing. we did not take an oath. odd. we got cell phones.

as we’re checking the police blotter a guy 7.5 feet tall with blue skin comes in and asks if we’ve met the commissioner (we have). asks if we’ve seen his sister, (we haven’t) tells us to stay away from her. Oddities are a norm here, it seems.

One case on the blotter stands out is a bomb threat on a monorail. we go to the monorail control center to see why it hasn’t shut down due to the bomb threat.

we’re told that they got a note written in pencil, it says they want the monorail shut down or else it’ll be blown up.

from the note, i intuit that: pencils are rare, the person who wrote this was hurried, they don’t write a lot, the note is anonymous, the person who wrote it doesn’t know much about the monorail, the person who wrote this seems to be mentally unstable.

not an inside job

possible bluff?

we do a check of the area, i don’t find anything obvious, but I KNOW i missed something (megawits!) . I call for backup and we search again, on train #2 we find a fire extinguisher that shouldn’t be there and is freshly bolted on. we call a bomb disposal team in.

Crunch (Blink’s sister) shows up, climbs up to the fire exginuisher and lets her team do finger printing. says she’ll get rid of it.

crunch has her crew record the fire extinguisher for later investigation.

crunch tosses the bomb in to the air and shoots it with hand lasers

crunch gives leo props for thinking of recording the bomb (justly deserved)

meanwhile, lia notices that the egg has collapsed, showing a clear blackish fluid, in the middle of that is a baby chick made of metal.

examining the chick shows it was partially formed

we’re going to wait for the forensics people to report back to us about the bomb so we can continue

in the meantime we investigate the dead bum in the old timey costume. in the morge we learn he died of dehydration, despite the fact that he was a little ways away from a public fountain.

the bum has a lot of wear on this shoes (from cobble stones) all handmade stuff, high amount of soot in clothing, hair, everywhere everywhere. Odd, no soot in seattle. soot likewise would have been gone after spending a short time in seattle.

we conclude that he’s probably an amnisiac not from this world

back at the police station, we file a report, closing the case of the out of time vagrant.

Lia’s Journal

Upon conferring with my comrades, apparently not everyone was treated so casually by Mr. Proficiency. Not sure if the proper response is to be suspicious or flattered. Both? Regardless, we have all been placed and all agreed, for the time being, to stay. I want to figure this town out as it is an outlier of order in a sea of chaos. As much as that order is reassuring, it may only exist through hidden control and abuse. Heck, the town leader is called the Overseer! No matter how cute his cartoon depiction is, that is disturbing.

In other news, I was not the only person to receive a red folder of medical revelation. Each one of us apparently have manifest some sort of measurable ability which the authorities of this place have a measuring system for. I’m definitely going to look into this. Somehow, having lab work is reassuring. While the rest of the gang started getting settled in at the police headquarters and started their first investigation, I’ve started looking into the amnesia epidemic. Just data compilation at this point but it is a start and having a semi-stable population definitely will make this more controlled as a study. I’ve also started a workgroup with another fellow at the commission, a Dr. Curtis Mansfield. I’ll have to ask where he got is doctorate. Perhaps there is a city such as this centered around an old technical university. More likely, actually, almost certainly, he is an amnesiac like myself. Regardless, I visited his office to ask the resident roboticist about the mechanical chick that appeared still-born from the egg we found in the south. A quick look revealed a machine that seemed to have purposefully constructed parts but required the laws of physics to be bent for normal operation. The fuel required to run its tiny engine would likely destroy the little simulacrum from within due to the force of its own combustion. At the very least, we both agreed it wasn’t the weirdest thing we’d seen during our time here.

Session 10

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