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References to “The Meeting”

Ryan’s Notes, entry 43

Investigating the arson case

Gasoline was used to start the fire, few if any traces of physical evidence

Heading to another arson location for investigation, learn that record keeping is crappy.

Report on fire extinguisher shows that it was touched up, no way to know where it came from. Indications that sophisticated machinery was used to make it.

Pencil the message was written in came from one of three art stores in the city, all are located in the university district.

Only three machine shops in the university area.

We start asking for client lists between the three art shops/machine shops, notice a weird vibe. I intuit that it’s highly likely that it’s one of the employees. I intuit that someone named Joe has died recently. Highly likely that Joe was killed after making the bomb as his job was complete for his group.

Notice that the man behind the counter at the shop appears nervous. Isaac mesmerizes the nervous man with his charm in to helping us answer us. Isaac asks about the bomb, guy looks super nervous, but has no idea what we’re talking about. We ask about how Joe died, learn that it was a mugging, but the guy says seems unusual as machinists don’t make much money. We ask about the fake fire extinguisher, we learn that they could have done something like this, but we don’t know if they actually did it or not. We ask to speak with his coworker, Gunther. Creepy, but no new information. Appears to be amnesiac. No one at this shop is involved with the bombing.

We check out Joe’s dorm. Notice a bed in the corner of the living room of the dorm. See two desks with a lot of paperwork that was lit by candle. On the wall is a phrase “It must be stopped” written in black ink, along with a black gear drawn on it. Find references too “The meeting” in the assorted paper work. He could be mad, could be method. Joe appears to have copied most of work from some other unknown source. Found maps, they show the ward house marked with a red X, and the Seattle Center International Fountain marked with a black circle, among them is the monorail system.

No sign of any bomb making tools.

Red = Arson
Black = Bombs

We go to the fountain, get a report that the grafiti was just a bunch of crap.

At the fountain, we see clear signs of vandalism. No indication of bomb or conspiracy just yet.

Leo manages to haphazardly fix the damaged fountain.

At the fountain we see that the bricks have been smashed up at random. Despite this there seems to be a lot of deliberating in to the destruction. “Lovingly” shaped in to the form of a penis. Purposefully defaced in this specific way.

Checking out the two bars confirmed that both had been molotov’d. One of them was completely closed. We notice that they have almost identical layouts. “Old fashion-y with lots of wood”

No witnesses for the prior molotoving

I intuit a commonality between all the locations (Ward house, Market, both bars the Fountain and the monorail): They’re the oldest buildings in the city and have undergone the least change.

Assuming that they want to destroy all traces of Old Seattle. Need to figure out how wants to destroy Old Seattle and/or Advance New Seattle.

We get Molotovs thrown at us as we discuss this.

I order Leo to rip out the sprinkler system to activate it and put out the fire.

Lia is managing the crowed.

Max pats down Isaac, getting rid of the fire on him

Leo breaks the sprinkler head to get water everywhere, the fire is starts to go out as a result.

Leo jumps out the window, sees the man.

I follow after Leo, see the person (man of average build and hight) shout a warning for them to stop or I’ll shoot.

Lia also runs outside, uses her enhanced memory to memorize the arsonist’s (male) looks.

Isaac latches on Leo’s back, yells “go go go!”

Max follows as well.

Leo jumps after the guy to try and grab him, Isaac lets loose and falls to the ground (harmlessly).

I follow at an angle, watching to see if Leo and Max catch the guy before I take the shot.

Max follows, Isaac likewise follows.

Leo lands, but just barely misses the arsonist.

I watch the show of Max catching the guy

Lia and Isaac follow.

Max catches the guy hard core, he’s an unknown to all of us.

We take the guy downtown to interrogate. Isaac charms the hell out of the arsonist, makes the arsonist think Isaac is a member of the group. Arsonist’s name is Jeremiah Brown (from Idaho). Jeremiah wasn’t involved in the bombing of the monorail, was mostly focused on the bars. Isaac asks where the meeting is… meeting, Jeremiah tells him to “find the angel of the meeting”, then writes “DEIMO” on his hand. Tells him not to say it out loud unless he’s alone. Also says that “It’s not just the city that’s collapsing, it’s the whole world”

Max’s Account 11

Working as a team Ryan and Crunch found the bomb then Crunch exercised a small portion of her power by generating destructive shockwaves emitted through clapping her hands together utterly destroying the bomb at the Seattle Center monorail. I called Smith the Fixer to inform him that I was beat to the punch and than it had been taken out by the police. He told me that was no big deal really, what he truly wanted me to do was find out who the terrorists where. He also told me I could recruit anyone that I wanted to be on my taskforce. Ryan agreed to help right on the spot but Crunch said she had better things to do and she left.

I called into police headquarters and requested both Leo and Isaac to join our team. Then I called the Municipal Science & Technology Commission to request that Lia become a member of our team. As we when about our investigation we seemed to be to be hitting different cases on the police blotter as one inquiry appeared to lead to another. Possible bomb making lead to various arson attempts which lead to the defacing of the International Fountain and graffiti in the fish market. By the end of the night our group successfully took into custody one of the arsonists who claimed that an angel was directed them and that soon there would be another meeting in which the angel would be giving them their new orders.

Lia’s Journal

Continuing to settle in. I submitted a list of potential staff for my office. Everything from a demographer to forensic examiners. Got back what I expected, meaning a full staff of non-specialist might as well be interns. It was worth a shot, though if such people show up, they will more likely be set up on the commission as heads instead of as staff. Rare assets are going to be just that. As it stands, I am got to make use of the staff as data workers and miners. Army of knowledge. They’ll just need some training to be made suitable for my project.

Other than looking into the amnesiacs, which I have the staff on right now, I’ve been working with the crew at the police. Having a staff have conveniently let me put project into ‘processing’ while I go and help with more hands on investigating. Science in practical action. Good for society and science, as the two shouldn’t be isolated. Specifically, we’ve been looking into bombings and arsons, tracking what may be an organized ring. After a… creepy encounter with a machinist named Gunther, we found the apartment of a bomber named Joe.

I may not be a profiler but this guy seemed obsessed with systems or order of some sort, with nearly piles unintelligible mad man scribbles and a large gear drawn on his wall over the words “It Must Be Stopped.” The notes referred to meetings, so this was not the work of a lone agent. Graffiti at the Seattle Center International Fountain seemed to confirm this, with the vandalism taking the form of very carefully constructed destruction. Ordered chaos. Ryan made a rather quick leap of logic, pointing out that the arsons, bombings, and vandalism all target older portions of town. This might be true or might be coincidence, but it is intriguing. Not sure what it means if it is true.

To end the night, we visited one of the targeted bars just in time to catch on of the arsonists. We’ll less we and more they, but I helped with crowd control. When Issac interrogated the man, the name Deimo came up, certainly a code word or organizational name, but it is difficult to trust a man who can say without joking that “It’s not just the city that’s collapsing, it’s the whole world.”

Session 11

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