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Lia and Isaac have Gone Missing

Max and Lia go to fire Dr Wells, due to the fact that he is an ass, and the fact that he isn’t an amnesiac and wont “remember” lost technology/sciences. Lia to take his position, Max to act as muscle/executioner in case he causes trouble.

They are rebuffed by his staff, but they barge right in like badasses. Wells yells at them for being rude, acts like he’s a lot more important than he is. Max tells him that he outranks Wells, Lia sits on his chair and waits him out. Wells leaves, threatening trouble.

It seems that there was a lot of influence going in to firing Wells. A LOT. It seems like the Science Commission made the effort to humiliate him.

Lia now owns Dr Wells staff.

Leo Isaac and I check out the bomb threat in William Tell hotel in Belltown, it also appears to be snowing there (which is very odd)

Belltown is getting a lot of trouble/weird shit. (Vagrant murdered, snow when there should be no snow, bomb threats, arson, etc)

Lia and max are in a meeting with three people, came by boat. One Dr (Kline), one academic (muggy) and one actor/adventurer (jack). Dr Kline is an amnesiac, is going to work for Lia.

We notice no snow when we get there , but leo is missed by a falling icicle, even though there is no snow. I notice it came from the 4th floor, even though there is no place for it to fall. very weird.

leo asks about the bomb, we get the threat in the form of a cardboard box with wire sticking out saying “this could have been a bomb, evacuate”. Different hand writing from the last one. I smell a very slight hint of solvent, other than that the box is completely blank. the wire is red (naturally), the handwriting is sloppy, written under duress/when excited.

Li and max join us, we take a look around for bombs. we find nothing.

There seems to be a commotion outside, we check it out, everything seems to be turning black and white/ “old-timey”. It seems to be a time warp.

We leave the hotel formally and let them know that there was no bomb to be found. We file the paperwork about this. I call in some extra security to watch the hotel for a bomb.

We look around Belltown for weird shit. We find snow in a rough 3×3 block radius, it seems confined to a very very specific area out of a clear sky. This city does not get snow. At all.

Lia calls in some technicians to check it out.

Leo jumps up to see where the snow is falling from to see if he finds anything. He found a “seam” where the snow “stopped”, nothing else otherwise.

We head back to the hotel to check out the icicle that fell. We find a 3 foot wide patch of snow in the ally. We also find two children frozen to death against a utility door. They seem to be old-timey, street urchins. holding a silvered flask full of poor whisky. one has lost two fingers to a machine, scarred hands also from machines. the other one has scars from a machine loom or clothing manufacturer. badly nourished, signs of scurvy. the flask seems to be out of date in terms of manufacturing. Lia flashbacks to the time warp, recalls power lines and street lamps. Very non-period.

The area around us undergoes a time warp, the wall gets better and the asphalt turns to cobblestone. Isaac gets a sample of the cobblestone, gives it to Lia to examine.

Max and I notice that Lia and Isaac have gone missing (probably in the time warp). No attempts at contacting them work (text/calling) we get a text from network master: asking what happened to lia. I tell him she vanished and that he should inform the science commission that lia has vanished due to temporal shenanigans.

I ask leo to punch something to see if a sudden discharge of force might disturb the time warp. the shockwave knocks us all down. No luck punching time. I ask him to try again, Leo breaks everything within 20 feet. Oops.

Lia and Isaac are in old-timey seattle. there are subtle anachronisms, steam whistles rather than a bell. they check out the anachronistic newspaper dispense, the date is 1834, other than the year it’s the same date.

they goes in to the hotel, the clerk appears to be made of brass. (steam-punk robot! yes!)

They say they’re looking for a visitors center, they can’t get any help, are told to go to city hall.

they go to city hall, but on the way a guy (harold friday) friday asks where they’re from, they say from the east. friday says that with rumors of a war on the brink, they should keep that information to themselves. he asks what they’re doing here. they tell him the complete truth. he hasn’t heard of this, but doesn’t doubt them. says he knows some people who could help. offers his hospitality.

Max’s Account 12

I received call from my boss, Smith the Fixer who requested me to look into a few matters for him this morning. First he wanted me to go to the Municipal Science & Technology Commission to tell Dr. Wells that he was to step down from his position and to leave the premises at once. Second I was asked to go to City Hall to meet with three recently processed men who came here from Sacramento who were sent by Jack Tomlin Governor of the New Republic of California just as we had been.

So I called Lia at the MSTC told her of my two assignments and invited her to join me. She was eager to come along because she had been assigned a similar task to relieve Dr. Wells of his position with the MSTC to take over his duties and assignments with them. She waited for me to arrive and then the two of us headed to Wells’ office. His staff tried to stop us but once they knew who I worked for they quickly stepped aside. Lia told him that he should pack his personal effects and step down from his contractual obligations from the MSTC then Wells verbally attacked Lia and told us to get out of his office. I advised him that it would be a good thing to change his tone and to do as Lia had requested sense Smith the Fixer had instructed me as his representative to do the same thing.

He yelled at me as well but I noticed that soon he cleared out of his office and left the building. Lia took over his office and staff immediately making them her own. From here we went to City Hall and met with the three men recently processed by Mr. Proficient and his staff. After interviewing them we felt that they would be good choices for the positions that they had been selected for. Then we went to the William Tell hotel in Belltown to join the others to check out a bomb threat which had been called in. While we were there the area suddenly flickered over lapping the of the modern city block with a Victorian Era city block. Shortly after that as we were searching the neighborhood we came across a snowy covered area roughly covering a three by three blocks.

Entering this area we found two young out of time street urchins frozen to death and examined them closely as we did so another warping of time occurred. This time Ryan and I noticed that Isaac and Lia were both missing.

Lia’s Journal

Well, that was easy. One of my very very marginal, back burner projects solved itself. Mansfield gave me the word, originally from Surresh, that I would be tasked with firing Franklin Wells and taking over his responsibilities on the Commission. From the beginning, I was of the opinion that the former doctor’s attitude, lack of skill, and my arrival made him useless and/or redundant. I know it would be a pleasure to give him the boot. Max volunteered to come with incase the poor doctor did something stupid, which he did just in a more childish way. I literally entered his office to give him to news and received a 10 minute tantrum before he stormed out and met security. I got to check my e-mail while giving him the most condescending smile possible.

With his staff mine, I sent them to my office to integrate with my group. I will let them sort out who does what as per their own skills and inclinations, mostly cause I rather not be bothered to do it myself. If any are exceptional, they will have to prove it in front of me. In other staff news, we met with a group of Sacramentans as per Mr. Proficiency’s request. They were interesting but better suited to other parts of the city.

On to more interesting things, we investigated abnormal weather in one the old neighborhoods of Seattle, deducing that it was definitely unnatural as its range was arbitrary and had no origin in natural weather, literally appearing out of nowhere in the sky. I sent my staff to measure the phenomena, mostly to give them practice in the field. More interestingly, we found two children huddled in an alley, totally frozen, dressed in rags of the 1800s, but holding an anachronistically constructed flask. The wall in the alley also seemed to be undergoing a phenomena we saw previously, with the wall changing how worn it looked at different moments, being weathered or cleaned repeatedly.

Obviously, I investigated. Isaac and I pulled out pieces to see if they continued their particular shifting. The kicker to this being that we shifted rather than it, finding ourselves in 1834, or really not quite 1834. Not the 1834 we were expecting but the 1834 of what I can only assume is the 1834 of another world. Great news. My off reflexes likely means I’m not an insane amnesiac but a lost travellers of worlds. This is the best totally unexplainable craziness that has happened yet! I’m not crazy.

GM Notes:
It is snowing in old Seattle. A frozen “vagrant” or two should materialize. Also, a bit of snow or ice somewhere. Maybe a falling icicle, too. In a neighborhood near the Seattle Center (where ghosts were reported), it has been snowing all morning. There is a video link in items. Two children should be found there, dressed as 1834 street urchins, frozen to death and holding a stolen flask of whiskey. One’s lost fingers due to working a machine loom, the other has numerous callouses and scars from a sewing machine.

The party needs to see the vision. This should be in the neighborhood where “ghosts” are being seen as it is clearly foreshadowed now.

Should they charge right in, introducing crunch’s counterpart would be a good idea.

Also, need to introduce an individual who retains memories of two worlds. That person mimicking very modern things in a steampunk world should attract attention.

also, max’s jacket was singed and looked a bit melted by the firebomb at the bar. the next day, it is fully repaired. The jacket also no longer has a large design on the back. it is all now, simple black.

A new group from sacramento has arrived:
“Dr Calvin Klein”, amnesiac. MD. Specialty: Installing Ocular Prosthesis and Retinal Implants. Available for Lia.
“Jack Thunder” aka Jon Rodreeguz, actor/adventurer from LA. Had two minor films 6 years ago.
Muggy the Drunk. not a real drunk, the name is ironic as he prefers his homemade teas. post-outbreak scholar (academics 4).

Mr Smith/Mr Proficient assessment (told to Max):
Dr Klein for Lia. Max needs to explain this firmly to Dr Wells. Dr Wells is not an amnesiac and has no chance of stumbling across advanced tech.
Jack Thunder to Seattle Center as entertainer, 1 film per year contract, review and renew in 5 years.
Muggy gets a name change and university appointment.

Session 12

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