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Other People from Other Worlds

Ryan’s notes:

Still in the ally, we decide to search the area, Leo hears ghost footsteps, I hear people talking in mid air, but it fades away. Max comes across an old-timey wooden barrel, leo tries to open it and vanishes.

Max tries to open it with a knife and vanishes as well.

I lean against it and vanish, reappearing in to a snowed up alleyway. We’re a bunch of idiots.

A cart without a horse and what appears to be a steam engine rolls by. It has a farmer using leavers and wheels to steer the cart.

We see a bunch of old timey shops, they parallel our world in location and purpose.

We go to the feed store, the shopowner (rosemary) looks almost exactly like Crunch.

Lia and Isaac at city hall have reviewed city records. Friday again suggests visiting Erasmus Brainnerd. Lia agrees, they get winter cloths on their way there.

Brainnerd welcomes them, asks them to wait as he’s talking to someone. Lia is confused as to how everything in the lab works. They overhear that other people from other worlds also have shown up.

they overhear from bubba a lot of inconsistencies about things (zombie outbreak recent/old news, overseer having a bloody takeover of seattle/peaceful takeover) bubba does not seem to have lost his memory.

they talk to prof brainnerd and tell him everything. Lia realizes that brainnerd has megaINT and megaWITs. Lia realizes that her personal history is also inconsistent, like bubba.

Back in the feedstore, we’re invited in and given tea. she asks what our deal is, and we just tell her we recently arrived. We get some new cloths for the weather.

We get directions to city hall, make our way there.

Back with Isaac and Lia, Lia asks about the people like them who show up out of nowhere. No luck finding a pattern by Brainnerd. Lia sees that the areas where people showed up also correlate to the older areas of town in our era/world, suggesting a crossover.

Lia goes through his notes, finds two trans-world incidents match up. The kids we found and the guy who we found frozen to death.

At City hall Max, Leo and I try to find a place to stay, no luck twice, the third one with miss hudson has what we need. Warm rooms, warm food and warm beds. We decide to take the room.

Brainnerd gives Friday a pistol and whispers a few things to him. Lia asks about that once they leave. Friday says it’s one of Brainnerds newest invention, a smaller version of the lightning rifle: A lighting pistol.

They arrive at miss hudsons place a little before we do timeline wise. have dinner. Max hugs them both in relief. Both look perturbed by this.

We spend the night.

In the morning we have a hearty breakfast. We discuss our plans and decide to check out the ally again. We split up to quicken the investigation.

Leo gets boxed in an alleyway by a bunch of dudes who talk like they’re going to kidnap/enslave him. He jumps over them and they start drawing weapons.

He bails and calls for help, they fire at him, he blocks the shot, causing a shockwave that knocks the bullet out of the air. We hear the commotion. Leo reaches the main.

We investigate, I draw my own weapon and we meet on the main street.

With my gun, I investigate the alleyway.

Isaac saunters up to them like a boss, tells them to give him their guns. They do so. He tells them to apologize “For being dicks”. They do so. He tells them to tell him what they were doing. They tell him. (kidnap leo for work on a galley)

Lia rushes ahead to the thing she found, we follow. She found a wooden address sign on the back of the warehouse. The sign fluctuates between pristine and crappy.

We fondle the sign, we find our way back home. We get contacted by network master. Lia says she’ll have a report ready. Network master says “Okay, keep in touch!” Casualness seems forced.

I call a couple of our cop buddies to have them seal off the area to the sign portal thing. We get two guys teleported in. TELEPORTED. IN.

We go back to the lab (commission for technology lab) and give our histories for examination. Lia learns that our own histories are inconsistent as hell. Lia theorizes that because reality is in flux between two worlds, our memories are in flux because we’re moving between two worlds unknowingly. I intuit that this is somewhat correct. Lia brute forces it and learns everything:

Lia deduces that there are multiple worlds that are unstable and they’ve begun to blend together, and have blended together in the past. Pre zombie outbreak none of this stuff (superpowers, steam punk, etc) existed. Different worlds have different physics. If their world stops existing, their memories also stop existing. a hybridization of the worlds is possible in the future. Lia also suspects that the most similar worlds have also collapsed in to each other, and suspects that soon all the different worlds will bleed in to each other, possibly causing a cascade failure of reality.

The angel DEMOS seems to be a clue for fixing this. their cult is breaking stuff that connects the worlds, this seems to slow it down.

It is the same day. Lia and Isaac are in Seattle 1834, reviewing information in the Seattle city hall with Mr Harold Friday.

Leo, Max and Ryan are in Post-apocalyptic Mutant Seattle.

The area of aberrant snow is fading, leaving large amounts of snow behind (6" deep).

The police blotter is unchanged.

Bubba is at the professors workshop being studied. He is from Post apocalypse Seattle. the prof knows others have appeared as well but assumes they are dead or on ships as involuntary crew for made up debts. Bubba is not an amnesiac but recalls his life in Seattle. The prof or lia should be able to point out seeming inconsistencies in his life: he recalls the zombie outbreak from his 30’s even though it was over 2 decades ago; he recalls a complete breakdown of technology but also that seattle had little tech damaged; he recalls the overlord brutally taking over the city but also remembers the overlord offering protection and a fairly non-violent takeover; most of all, prof finds the level of technological advancement despite lacking expertise to be impossible. Lia has seen holographic monitors, prototype artificial limbs, brain-computer interfaces, and super-advanced life support systems. these should not be possible only 20 (or is it 60? or more?) years after the outbreak…

Need to get the rest of the party to 1843. This they can do by entering a changed area and interacting with it. But, the area has to be made available. If they look in an area that is abnormal, they should easily find one.

It could also be more clear that both dimensions are collapsing into each other. Someone from 1843 could cross over the same as they are doing. Abnormal “non snow” areas are in 1843 Seattle and a few people have been found, as well. Largely, they are kidnapped for ship crew or freeze, given the especially harsh winter of 1843.

One solution to the entire dilemma is a policeman named “First”, “Dibs”, or “Jumper”. He can make colored bubbles. When he makes the bubble, he thinks of a place. When the bubble bursts, it’s contents are displaced to the new location. If he clears his mind, he makes a clear bubble. The gang thinks this disintegrates people. But, it actually isolates them from the rest of the dimension, creating a new reality based on the individual (in the new, stable dimension centered on the bubbled person, everything is the same so it seems First’s power failed on the person and First will attempt some other act on the person instead, resulting in a dimension identical except for the method of the person’s death). First has not used a clear bubble since before the dimensional collapsing began.

Max’s Account 13

We stand in an alleyway mixed in cobblestones and pavement, deep snow and few tuffs of tall green grass, gaslight street lanterns and electric street lamps… I run across an antique wooden barrel on the side of it is branded the word “pickles”. Leo when to open it and he vanished. I thought that I might be able to pry it open using my knife and then next thing I knew I was standing next to Leo in very deep snow. Moments later Ryan appeared leaning on the barrel.

  • The three of us receive assistance and some provisions from Ms Rosemary Lucient the owner and manager of Brilliant Feed Store. The woman bears an uncanny resemblance to Crunch of the Seattle Police Force, however Rosemary speaks with a proper British accent.
  • Once leaving the Feed Store we walk the City Hall and from there to a number of boarding houses until we reach Mrs. Hudson’s comfortable home. She charges us a very reasonable price for rooms and boarder and ever invites us to join her and some of her other house-guests of dinner.
  • It was here that we were reunited with Isaac and Lia who as it turned out had only arrived there moments before with a Mr. Harold Friday. We all happily enjoyed our wonderful supper together and then retired to the comforts of our bedrooms. The next morning after having a hearty breakfast the five of us decided to investigate the alleyway where Leo, Ryan and I arrived at.
  • Once there we split up to spread out more efficiently however mere moments later we could all hear Leo yelling for help. We regroup and found him running for his life and when asked he said that a group of men with guns tried to Shanghai him. Good thing for them that Isaac got a hold of them first and not me. He simple used his power to have them turn over their weapons over, apologize to Leo and then turn themselves over to the authorities. Of course it was Lia that found the object which transported us all back to our world.

Session 13

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