20 years have passed…

The zombies have done their damage. Now, they are a manageable threat. Humanity should be rebuilding. But, there is a problem: Mutants. They have powers. They have survived the end of the world and now aim to rule its remains…

Zombie Apocalypse 1

Obvious influences include The Walking Dead (comic), 28 Days/Weeks Later, Resident Evil (Video Games), Fallout, WWZ, etc.

Some lesser-known influences:
Crisis on Infinite Earths
World’s End, Image Comics
Irredeemable, Incorruptible Comics
We’re Alive Zombie Podcast
Caustic Soda Podcast, The Post-Apocalyptic World

The Last of Us
Zone One by Colson Whitehead
Fallout: New Vegas
Doomsday Preppers
Mad Max

Zombie Apocalypse 2, Mutant Apocalypse

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