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Destroying All Similarities

Ryan’s Notes:

At the science commission Lia arranges to send a robot through the timewarps to gather proof.

We decide to send max to test the DEMOS angel summoning (After we wire him up and arm him with code phrases.) It fails, but the door is locked and he gets no response from us. He says it again and the room gets warm and he smells smoke. The door to the room crumbles in to embers, and a black garbed, black winged person appears.

It’s Demos. It says time is short, max offers to help. Demos says he’s irrelevant (says this a lot), says to prevent the worlds from merging by “destroying all similarities” Max asks if Demos can “show him the way”. Demos leaves.

Max rejoins us, relays this information.

I try it, I say Demos three times. I also notice the heat and smoke smell. Demos appears. Acts identical to before. Clearly supernatural (not just a dude with powers). I ask for tools or aid, it grabs my face and set my nerves on fire.

Lia does some tests on those who summoned Demos. She learns I’m not human anymore. I’m made of carbon-metal. whatthechrististhisshit. I’m now resistant to harm, and cannot heal.

Lia also goes in to summon Demos, asks if she needs to return to her world as she’s not from this world. Gets told “Prevent the worlds from merging”.

I know automatically when and where the next meeting will be. It’s in 3 hours.

I realize that there are too many similarities to destroy for “destroying the similarities” to be a viable plan, plus the similarities change across worlds.

Lia deduces that it could be possible to “bubble” or “insulate” a pice of reality from the rest. And that doing that could be used to anchor a new reality. However we can’t use anything from a hybrid universe.

We go to the meeting at the seattle great wheel (the wheel probably wasn’t there before, but was retroactively made so). We see people start to gather, after a bit they start to discuss the worlds breaking. Alternate!Crunch is there as well (Rosemary).

(Also, the ferris wheel has retroactively vanished (again))

Isaac tells them to stop doing things that would kill people, and tells them to disperse. They do so.

Rosemary seems resistant, looks at Isaac oddly. Asks if they’ve met before. Isaac says maybe. She asks if he’s an interrogator, he says yes. She shrugs and walks way.

Throughout this whole affair, the environment starts waffling between the two worlds, but our memory is retroactively being rewritten.

I intuit that Rosemary’s shop is in Old Town, where things are old-timey-ish for tourism. It seems that reality is now merged there, and it’s following rosemary.

I remember Officer First, who can teleport. We think he might be they key to making a bubble machine. Max orders him to Lia’s lab.

Officer First makes a teleport bubble from the tip of his fingers. Stepping in to it, they teleport to Lia’s lab.

Lia asks him some question about his ability. He can maintain a bubble for 30 seconds, and hold an area the size of a car.

After Isaac talks to him, we get a 10 second duration and 10% size improvement.

We test the teleport bubble on Rosemary!Crunch to see it’s effects on a hybridized person. On the way we learn that the isolated snowstorm is now everywhere, and we now have the only car in the city, aside from the steampunk cars.

I see crunch, she asks me what I’m doing. I tell her what we know and what we need her to do. She keeps changing mid-explanation. Isaac talks her in to the bubble.

Nothing happened.

I have First teleport Rosemary!Crunch to nowhere, she vanishes, and we’re now in Belltown again.

We decide to Clone First to replicate his powers and save the world.

Isaac has First teleport himself to nowhere to see what happens. First vanishes. Then reappears, in a blue and gold uniform, with a Z logo on it. Says he went to a different world. Says “Congress” will want to be involved in the inter-dimensional travel attempts.

Max’s Account 14

Lia’s working theory is that the hybridization of worlds is feasible in the future. She also suspects that for the most part parallel worlds have collapsed into others and suspects that before long all the dissimilar worlds will merger into one another, probably causing a cascade failure of reality. Our group’s consensus is to try to see if contacting the angel DEMOS might provide a clue into the fate of these infinite Earths. Three of us, me, Ryan and Lia succeed in contacting this being to perhaps shed some light on this mystery. Only to leave us with more questions than we had before and Ryan forever more altered by the angel’s touch. Our reality began to quickly to alter from one world to another, sometimes blending around us and our memories changed with each of them. How I remember those details now, I have no idea. We called upon Officer First to help us stabilized this reality before it would or could collapse in around us. These attempts seem to fail and only giving the impression of causing another new parallel world to be born or at least discovered. Maybe fleeing to it might be the answer to saving the multiverse and then again maybe it wasn’t.

GM’s Notes:

The players have almost all they need to complete the campaign now. If they start dragging their feet, the Overseer dies and a more obvious melding of dimensions begins, entire streets and buildings changing, as a civil war of several different factions begins.

Te civil war could also be a means of distracting the players and dragging out the campaign. I won’t. Since I have a house to remodel soon, cutting back to player status is much better and easier.

Ryan is now made of a techno-organic metal. Immunity physical damage 20 but no normal healing. Only unnatural healing now fixes him.

Rosemary Lucien is now a portal and calls herself Rosemary Crunch. She warps back-and-forth between the worlds.

Sending her through the portal bobble without a destination created a new hybrid reality. As it is hybridized, it is collapsing. but, it will collapse after the current world.

Session 14

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