Session 15

Session 14

A New, Pure Universe

Ryans Notes:

We discover that in order to create a new, pure universe, the people who do not have amnesia will need to be sacrificed, as they are hybrid entities

We discuss bringing Demos in in order to purify the “hybrid” aspect of us.

There’s an explosion outside, Isaac goes to investigate, sees officers performing crowd control and incinerating people who give them shit.

We get a call, the overlord has died.

I summon demos to see if we can get his help. I tell him to purify the hybrid aspects, he says he can do this. I tell him to do so. He removes and purifies my guts, turns it in to a cup. I detach the cup full of liquid me.

Lia calls isaac to get him to come and get purified.

Isaac’s cell phone (now wrist communicator) grows tendrils and crawls up his arm. This happens to all of us.

Leo throws his away. It exits the stratosphere.

Max is unaffected, being invulnerable.

Lia takes hers off, and takes off her cloths off because they’re from a hybrid universe.

Max and Leo also disrobe.

Isaac offers to be the last one out.

Lia proposes we all find someone like First as we make our own universes, before we all separate.

Leo Max walk through the bubble. I send the goop of me through a bubble.

Lia tells first how to summon demos, become purified and go to his own universe.

From what we hear, the world is falling apart. otherworld mercenaries attacking everyone, riots.

Isaac goes back to Demos, asks is this world going to vanish. Demos doesn’t answer. Isaac uses his magic voice to ask again, Demos says he doesn’t know. Isaac asks what Demos’s deal is. Demos says “Low power reserves”.

Isaac has First take him to the overlords place (does not ask to be purified). The place is empty.

Isaac looks for a broadcast room, finds it.

Isaac burns all his Quantum power to send out a broadcast to tell everyone to calm down. He’s decided to stay and fix this world.

(He got 20+ successes)

He calms down the entire city. This lasts for three days, all while reality crumbles around them. His realty fails, though, but he makes it to his own home dimension, making a charity dinner.

Leo makes his way to his own home dimension, going to school

Lia makes her way home, on her space station.

Ryan make his way home, working for the department of wildlife and going hunting on the weekends.

Isaac ALSO makes his way home, touring with a theater group.

We’re all home, but have no memory of what happened, nor do my notes exist anymore. Goddamnit.

Ryan’s Jornal/Notes, Last entry

I think I’m going to quit my job with the DNR. It seems too… tame now, for some reason. This is odd, because I’ve always loved the outdoors, always enjoyed exploring. These days though, managing the park just isn’t enough. I need more, something exciting to keep me interested.

I keep having odd dreams of of really weird things. Steampunk worlds, people with superpowers. I know I used to love the sci-fi/fantasy stuff when I was younger, but I never dreamed about it before. Is this some kind of weird, mid-life crisis? A subconscious yearning for my younger, freer days? I doubt it, it doesn’t feel quite right.

I’ve been thinking about moving, getting a change of location. Texas sounds like a good location, haven’t been down south in ages. I have a cousin down there somewhere, Brownsvill, I think, or was it Matamoros? I don’t remember, I’ll have to call him.

Max’s Account 15

The collapsing of this reality around us appears to be escalating at an exponential rate. Lia contemplated a final solution that may yet save all of the multiverse, which was that we have Officer First create one of his dimensional bubbles around each of us and then bursting each one to seal in one pure reality. I asked her if she and I could share in one of these dimensional transports together and Lia replied that, of course, she would be willing to. I told her that I didn’t want to leave her or the others and she tried to reassure me that we would all be together again soon. Then finally, at last we shared our first and perhaps last kiss together, but I was praying to myself that she was right and that this dread that I was feeling inside was wrong. As I held her close I easily recalled how the others always depended on me for being invulnerable, but I tell you now my heart was not by any means or measure. I looked into her eyes and she was crying, but trying to look brave for all of us. I know that for the first time since we had all set out together, that I was not. I pulled myself together for her, for all of us and felt myself letting go of this woman who was the love of my life. I nodded to her trying to show her as well as the rest that I believed her and that we would all be together again in the end, but that dread in my heart was also too powerful to ignore. So I walked bravely over to Officer First to volunteer and lead my friends by example as the first one to be sent through. He smiled and clapped me on the shoulder before he extended one of his force fields around me. I could see them all looking at me through the pearlescent sheen of the bubble that I was incased in. I smiled at them all and was…

..Awake in my bed. What an odd dream I just had had. It was one of those kinds of stories that I used to read as a kid in comic books in which a group of superheroes are called together to save the universe from an unbelievable crisis. And, of course, one of them was a brave and beautiful heroine that you cannot help but fall in love with-the very stuff of young men’s dreams. I can still almost see her face… oh well, the new day was upon me and, like it or not, I was not the indestructible man that I had been in my dream. I was just merely Jonathan Maxwell, and not Superman or even Wolverine, for that matter. Besides, today was going to a big day for me, one that I had been planning on for a very long time now. I would be seeing the love of my life in all her glory. That’s right, today was my big date with L.I.A., or more commonly known as the Learning International Academy, a foundation that I had lovingly created to make it possible for young people and children of all ages to acquire the very tools and resources needed to make a difference in their schools and colleges. They could receive scholarships, books, computers, even basic things like free meals and, in some cases, the budgets to hire teachers in a wide variety of backgrounds and expertise. At last, I had finally found the most important labor of my life and her name was L.I.A.. I would try my very best to take a personal interest in as many of these kids as I could, even if I never get married and have children of my own. My contributions to this program would in many ways make me like a father to them all, and if this is how I was to spend the rest of my days on this Earth then I was fine with that!

GM’s Notes:
Officer First sent himself outside the dimension. This created a new world around him. That world is a hybrid of his first worlds: post apocalypse / mutant. This hybrid is set soon after a mutant virus outbreak. The government is under pressure but not broken as the booming mutant population is no longer a minority and friction is escalating.

Officer first returned from this world having been changed by it. It is however, still a hybrid and collapsing. He can now, at will, travel between locations in both of these realities. But, he also acts as a point of similarity between them, so the new dimension will now collapse into the first instead of some other dimension

the most obvious pure items are those which have been untouched but have come from another dimension. The next best are (obviously) amnesiacs:

-snow and other non-living phenomena
-elements that are mostly likely of a single reality (rare gem, exotic metal, unique individual

The players may not know when enough has been done as their characters can only try to be dimensional seeds themselves.

Session 15

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